Artist Merrily Morphs Her Dad Into the Superhero She’s Always Believed Him to Be (PHOTOS)

You’ll show your dad you love and appreciate him by getting him a card and maybe a new set of grill tools this Father’s Day. Giulia Pex is showing her dad what she thinks of him with a little more flare.

The Milan, Italy-based photographer and illustrator was working on a school project about family that originally included all of her relatives.

“Then I realized that my dad was perfect by himself, so I decided to concentrate my work on him — my personal superhero,” Pex, 21, told Babble.

She’s inspired by DC and Marvel comics, and the technique of mixing photography and drawing came naturally to her.

“It works well to express what’s in my mind,” she said. “In this way, I can gather real work and imagination’s world.”

Her dad enjoyed posing for her as a Superhero Dad, and he enjoyed the finished product, too, which shows photos of him doing ordinary things with her illustrations over it that make him appear a bit more extraordinary.

“I’ve always saw my father like a superhero when I was a kid (like all little girls do, I think),” she said.

It’ll be a happy Father’s Day for Giulia’s dad, for sure. Take a look:
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All photos used with permission from Giulia Pex

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