Ash Wednesday: 7 Things That Kids Give Up for Lent

Do you celebrate Ash Wednesday? This Christian holiday can be hard to keep track of. It bounces around and finally settles on a Wednesday somewhere between February 4th to March 10th. One thing for sure? It’s always 46 days before Easter.

Ash Wednesday is also the first day of Lent, the time to give up some sort of ‘luxury’ as a form of penitence. And while many a Catholic or Christian out there is giving up swearing, boozing or gossiping about the neighbors, kids who are following in their parent’s religious path opt to give something more sweet and innocent up in honor of Lent.  They don’t have as many ‘sins’ to work from.

I should add that most people aren’t making their four-year-old give something up for Lent. They really don’t have that much self-control yet and the whole concept would probably be lost on most preschoolers. Many religious families give their children the option to participate when their children are in elementary school and then only after they have done gone through their first communion. So what are the kids giving up?

(And even if your family is not Catholic or Christian, some of these might be fun to try out regardless)

  • Giving Up Phineas & Ferb for Lent 1 of 7
    Giving Up Phineas & Ferb for Lent
    With our media entrenched kids it would be unrealistic to have them give up all forms of TV, instead it's more practical to have them pick one show to drop during Lent. Perhaps Phineas & Ferb, iCarly reruns, that SpongeBob Square Pants marathon or maybe just giving up TV on a particularWednesday for the entire length of Lent. Not only is it great that they're watching less TV, maybe that show that had them in their grip would lose it's luster.

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  • Giving Up their Nintendo DS for Lent 2 of 7
    Giving Up their Nintendo DS for Lent
    It could be their beloved Nintendo, their favorite X-Box game or some Playstation this or that, but the time that they aren't playing video games could be used for to put it bluntly good rather than evil. They could use that time to embrace another Lent pastime, that of collecting alms for the poor or those in need.

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  • Giving Up Dessert for Lent 3 of 7
    Giving Up Dessert for Lent
    Kids, they love dessert. It may be pretty hard to convince (or suggest) that they give up all deserts for forty days. It's could be more realistic to have them give up one kind of dessert like chocolate pudding or mint chip ice cream. Or only having dessert two times a week, something manageable. But there will be some kid out there who would and could give up dessert for the whole span of lent (but that's not any kid I know).

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  • Giving Up Picking on Their Sibling for Lent 4 of 7
    Giving Up Picking on Their Sibling for Lent
    This is a good one. To have them not pick on or fight with their siblings would be not just a sacrifice for them but a godsend to you. But will it last if they if they are apt to battle with their brothers and/or sisters? Probably not.

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  • Giving Up Whining for Lent 5 of 7
    Giving Up Whining for Lent
    This is one any parent - whether they are lent doer or not - can get behind.

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  • Giving Up Candy for Lent 6 of 7
    Giving Up Candy for Lent
    One of the most popular pint-sized things given up for Lent, similar to giving up dessert but far harder to stick to. But it's just a break with many knowing that at the end of Lent lies the candy laden holiday of Easter.

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  • Giving Up Pizza for Lent 7 of 7
    Giving Up Pizza for Lent
    Gluttony, that's one big sin right there. One site noted that, "C. S. Lewis makes a very interesting point about gluttony in The Screwtape Letters. He points out other types of gluttony besides overeating." Gluttony can also go for those ‘rocking the healthy vibe' foods like pizza, mac and cheese and Tostidos. Giving up one of their junkfoodish favs may be beneficial for their body as well as their spirit.

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Also check out Danielle’s great piece on what moms might wanna give up for Lent right here:

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