Asian Student Freaks in Library: Racist Cyberbullying on CSUN Campus

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Put your camera away!

The weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are a stressful time for students who are frantically writing papers, finishing projects and cramming for finals. One student at California State University, Northridge got so stressed while studying for finals this year that she freaked out on some other students in the library, allegedly because they were “breathing loudly.” The filmed exchange (below) highlights many issues on college campuses today, including racial tension and the intense responsibility Asian students feel to succeed. There’s a response video below as well, during which a black male student makes fun of the incident using a cartoonish Asian accent. Yikes.



The funny thing is, in both of these videos, at least one of the black students shows sympathy for the Asian student. In the original vid, you can hear one of the women say, “Please leave her alone, she’s gonna pass out.” And in the response video, the young man in the white t-shirt says to his friend doing the racist impression, “What’s wrong with you?”

Racial tension aside, what about this unnamed student’s right to privacy? I don’t know who she is, but everyone on her campus probably does. God love smart phones, thanks for the Internet baby Jesus, but can we please stop filming people doing embarrassing things and uploading that footage to YouTube without the subject’s permission? Ugh.

I guess not. That is what makes the Internet run, after all. (Along with the blood of kittens, of course.) Posting a video like this without the subject’s permission is cyberbullying, even if the video features a young adult over the age of 18. After the death of Tyler Clementi and videos like this one going viral, it’s clear that campuses are going to have to address privacy rights and cyberbullying with students who should already know better.

Sources: Yahoo, LA Weekly

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