Atheist or Christian? What Do You Tell Your Children About Easter?

A confusing holiday?

My husband and I are a little stumped over what to tell our children about Easter. You’ve got the resurrection and you’ve got the Easter Bunny. We aren’t necessarily atheists, but we aren’t religious. We fall back on that old standby: spiritual.

So yeah. We’re spiritual, so what do we tell our kids about the impending holiday when even I am confused?

Easter is the oldest and most important Christian festival, marking the end of the fasting season of Lent and the death on Good Friday, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday. So where did the bunny, chocolates and eggs come in? Many claim Easter actually stems from an ancient pagan ritual having to do with springtime, hence bunnies and eggs.

Pagan or Christian, the inevitable commercialization of Easter has bastardized it into this bizarre holiday hybrid of Christmas and Halloween. You’ve got the religious angle and the one involving kids and candy. Talk about mixed messages. So what does a “spiritual” parent teach her child about Easter?

I guess for now, it’s about the Easter Bunny. When they’re old enough to ask what the Easter Bunny and eggs are all about I suppose I’ll bring in the celebrating spring angle. And later? I can teach them about Jesus. I don’t know if he was actually resurrected, but by all accounts he was an all-around swell fellow, what with preaching about forgiveness and so forth.

What about you? Be ye Christian, Atheist, or “spiritual” like me, what do you tell your children about Easter?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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