Attention, Parents: It's Still Not Cool to Put Your Kid Inside a Washing Machine (Video)

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Never do this, even tho it's super cute.

Holy eff. You won’t believe this video footage taken by a surveillance camera at a laundromat last week. In it, we see parents jokingly put their very small child inside an industrial washing machine with a front-loading door … you know, the kind that locks as soon as you close it and the machine starts? This footage is unbelievable both in that it’s shocking and also in that it doesn’t seem quite real. I use that type of washing machine all the time, and I’ve never seen one that starts as soon as you shut the door. So either the parents hit the start button, or machines exist that start as soon as you shut the door. (Or it’s a prank.) I have to think this incident isn’t staged, however, because of how convincingly frantic the┬áparents are once they realize they can’t get the door open and their child is spinning inside.


According to an unknown source, “The kid is okay, he came out with only a few bruises. He was laughing, by the time his parents walked him home.” That’s per YouTube and RealTalkNY. The video is also being shared on World Star Hip Hop. (Of course it is.)

But seriously folks – don’t ever even jokingly put your kid in a washing machine. We’re all cool on this, right? Same goes for the dryer. (Just making sure you get it.)

In related news, according to The Daily Mail, a kitty cat recently survived one hour and 45 minutes in the washing machine. The upside is, her fur looks great.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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