Author of 'What to Expect' Doesn't Think She's Given Out Bad Advice

heidi murkoff, what to expect when you're expecting
Author of the What to Expect franchise thinks she gives great advice.

Let’s start with the final question of the LA Times Magazine interview with Heidi Murkoff, co-author of one of the most popular pregnancy and birth manuals out there, What to Expect When You’re Expecting. A movie sort of based on the book comes out on May 18.

Reporter Erik Estrin asks Murkoff if she’s ever given anyone bad advice. Naturally, she answers that she doesn’t think so. Which surely has you wondering whether she’s even read her own book which happens to be chock full of bad advice!

Plenty of ink and bandwidth have been used to criticize the book — for everything from slapping cookies from your hands to the hideous maternity clothes on the front cover (especially the early editions). In fact, it’s hard to find a woman who has cracked its spine without wanting to burn its pages. That Best-Odds Diet, which limited desserts to once a week and only applesauce sweetened cookies at that? My pregnancy years are behind me and that still stings. The advice to husbands to suggest his once svelte lady not help herself to the breadbasket? Positively dangerous (for the husbands).

And why should all of her advice have been bad? According to the interview, she wrote the book when she was expecting for the first time back in 1983. Her qualifications? She was a budding copywriter and pregnant. While the content of her book might be worth ignoring, her skills in marketing and advertising have definitely paid off. She’s sold over 40 million copies of her book in more than 30 languages, according to the LA Times.

And of course, the movie, which even the most die-hard fans of her What to Expect empire surely weren’t expecting.

According to the interview, Murkoff is still dispensing advice. She answers questions on her Facebook page, her Twitter feed and on the What to Expect website.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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