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The Human Calendar

My daughter has been immersed in a new project. She is in the midst of trying to figure out the calendar.

From months, to days of the weeks, to how many days are in each month, at both home and at school, the calendar has become quite a topic of conversation for my little five-year-old. And as you know, it’s especially awesome when you can make learning fun. And the Human Calendar? It’s definitely injected some whimsy into the subject of calendars at our house.

What is the Human Calendar?

The creative genius behind the Human Calendar is Craig Giffen, the same person who created the human clock ten years ago back in 2001.

For the Human Calendar he was evidently inspired by the intro to the Brady Bunch and the images of the family looking at each other. He took a slew of photos of people to represent the days of the month saying, “Some people are in bands, a couple are writers, one person was in an episode of Murder, She Wrote, while another person accidentally murdered Kelly Ripa’s pet sea monkeys when she was 12.” Yup, a pretty good cross section of humans.

Mr. Giffen laid out the calendar so that all the people representing the days all look (be it up, down, right, or left) to the person who is holding today, the number that represents today’s date. If you move your cursor across the days, they become animated. There are even options at the bottom of the page to change a couple aspects of the display.

Yes, the human calendar has made learning about the calendar more fun for my girl, but the big question of hers? How does she become the 11th?!?

You can check out the Human Calendar right here.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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