Awesomely Artistic Dad Colors In His Kids’ Drawings to Imaginative Effect


I’d like to think as a mom that I have certain superpowers. Like, I once made two children, and following that, I produced milk, so that’s kind of super, no? I can also perform up to nine tasks at a time. Sure, most of them involve pouring Goldfish into a snack cup while simultaneously picking up Play-Doh before it’s forever embedded into the fiber of our wooden floors, all of which I actually do astonishingly not so well, but still.

I’ve always wished I had real superpowers. The kind that will amaze my kids and render me the mom that all other kids wish were theirs.

There’s a dad on Reddit who goes by Tatsputin (whom we first read about on Design Taxi) that has the kind of superpowers of which I speak. Tatsputin (real name: Fred Giovannitti) travels a lot for work. Like most superheroes, he has two jobs: By day he invents industrial equipment designed to save and protect the world’s marine ecosystems. To help pay for that, he travels 10 days each month to Las Vegas, where he owns a small tattoo studio.

His kids, who are 8 and 6, miss him when he’s gone, so to stay connected, they draw pictures for him to color in while he’s on the plane, which he then returns to them when he comes back home.

He thinks it’s no big deal. Maybe to him it’s not. But take a look at the pictures and you’ll see what a big deal it actually is — because the pictures are marvelously magnificent.

“It’s just something we do together,” Giovannitti modestly told Babble.

The kids love doing it because “it’s a collaboration. We love to work together.”

He said that he started out with just colored pencils and then graduated to illustrating them on his iPad. All the results are spectacularly superpower-y. Check out these images — a dad colors in his kids’ drawings and a super family of illustrators is born.

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All images used with permission from Fred Giovannitti


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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