Awkward Much? When Your Parents Read Your Blog

When I first started blogging I told everyone about it, especially my parents. I was excited to be online sharing details of my family life and thought my children’s grandparents would appreciate it more than anyone. As a newbie I kept my blog fluffy and remained very, very careful with my writing.

As I continued to write I got looser; sharing more intimate stuff and engaging in braver blogging. It felt liberating to reveal my deepest thoughts and reflections; sharing memories that belonged to more than just myself. When my parents didn’t remember things the way I had…that’s when things started to get a little awkward.

It’s ironic that many of us bloggers don’t mind putting it all out there for the masses, but for our own parents to read? Well, that can get weird. Do my parents really need to know I threw the biggest party of my senior year at their house? Probably not. Do they need to know when I lost my virginity? Not really, but what if those facts pertain to a larger story worth telling? Do we gloss over the squirmy stuff or do we remain honest with our readers? I don’t know.

I asked my fellow bloggers whether their parents read their blogs and in true therapy fashion, I asked how it made them feel. Read on and share your own thoughts below!

  • I’m bitter 1 of 19
    I'm bitter
    "My mom sometimes reads my blog. When I first started I sent her my posts to edit. I guess needed the second opinion. When I stopped writing about food I lost her interest. She has even mentioned a time or two the word bitter. My mom's opinion does make me think. However, I am bitter. It is a fact."
    @MrsHannahPratt via Twitter The oh so unusual Housewife
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  • I’m cautious 2 of 19
    I'm cautious
    "My mom AND my MIL read... definitely affects what I write about, and how."
    via Evin Food Good, Laundry Bad
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  • I’m read by the whole family 3 of 19
    I'm read by the whole family
    "My mom reads religiously (and comments)! So does my husband's entire family. I censor a little, but not much. Mostly it just means my family never calls me, because they always know what I've been up to."
    @bebehblog via Twitter Bebehblog
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  • I’m careful 4 of 19
    I'm careful
    "Mom does occasionally. She's proud of me for it. But I don't always write about everything I want because of it."
    @lilloveandluck via Twitter With a Little Love & Luck
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  • I’m honest 5 of 19
    I'm honest
    "No, apparently my mom's got more important things to read, like the Enquirer. My dads computer illiterate but I've been busted on some posts by my MIL.Thats what I get for posting about how much she's annoying me.The TRUTH hurts:)"
    @TruthfulMommy via Twitter The Truth About Motherhood
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  • I’m offered constructive criticism 6 of 19
    I'm offered constructive criticism
    "Not only do they read, they call & tell me what they would have differently if they wrote the post. Like I'm 12!"
    @OHmommy via Twitter Classy Chaos
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  • I’m second best 7 of 19
    I'm second best
    "My parents read my blog and it would make me feel great except they read @thepioneerwoman more often, lol"
    @thehhhousewife via Twitter The Half-Hearted Housewife
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  • I’m complimented 8 of 19
    I'm complimented
    "My mom always reads my blog. The good the bad and the ugly. Makes me feel good that she enjoys it. She always compliments me on how well I write even if it is just me complaining about something or voicing my opinion."
    via Wendy Momma Talks
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  • I’m mom’s favorite 9 of 19
    I'm mom's favorite
    "Being new to blogging, I don't get a lot of comments. My mom comments all the time! She's my biggest, um, fan."
    via Mary Clip Clop Mama
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  • I’m not sure 10 of 19
    I'm not sure
    "My mom doesn't even know I have a blog, I've mentioned it but I don't think she even knows what a blog is. Her sister, my aunt, reads it though..."
    via Julie Blog-So-Cute
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  • I wish I was anonymous 11 of 19
    I wish I was anonymous
    "Yes! My whole family does. Mostly I love their interest and support, but other times...often...I wish for more anonymity so I could blog what I REALLY think and feel without risking hurting their feelings or shocking them."
    via Mandy Suburban Stereotype
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  • I make mom proud 12 of 19
    I make mom proud
    "Yes my Mom reads my blog. My mother is also proud when she reads it and even passes it on to her friends."
    via Corine Complicated Mama
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  • I worry about the F-bombs 13 of 19
    I worry about the F-bombs
    "Both my mom and my grandma read daily. I feel like I should go wash my mouth out when I drop the f-bomb. ;)"
    @_ScooterMarie via Twitter ScooterMarie
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  • I’m read by my grandma 14 of 19
    I'm read by my grandma
    "My grandmother reads it religiously but doesn't comment *scared of the evils of the internet* but emails me her comments and thoughts :)"
    via Elizabeth An Armada of Love
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  • I’m free 15 of 19
    I'm free
    "Yes. It allows me to fully share myself without constraints or censorship. For me, it's a release that has no price. They appreciate it."
    via Vanessa Mama Scribble
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  • I have so much to say 16 of 19
    I have so much to say
    "Yes! My mom once told me she was glad she provided so much blog fodder for me!"
    @TheDanaK via Twitter Really, What Were We Thinking?
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  • I’m connected 17 of 19
    I'm connected
  • I’m afraid 18 of 19
    I'm afraid
    "I'm afraid to write certain things, because my mother will read it! But I appreciate the support, at the same time."
    via Keri Laderamom
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  • I’m sharing 19 of 19
    I'm sharing
    "Yes... my parents read. I think for them it is a way to see what I am up to, and keep up. They are proud of all the accomplishments I have made over the past couple years on my blog. Heck they are even featured sometimes!"
    via Danielle Danielle Elwood Dot Com
    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]

Do your parents read your blog? How does it make you feel?

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