Babble Bloggers Share the Funny Things That Happened on Their Wedding Day

Babble blogger, Buzz on his wedding day

Months of planning and gobs of money have all come down to this, your beautiful wedding day. As excited as you are to finally become Mr. & Mrs., part of you hopes and prays your special day goes off without a hitch.

I asked Babble bloggers to share the funniest thing that happened on their wedding day, check out their stories after the jump!

  • Casey 1 of 7
    "I had a bridesmaid decide NOT TO SHOW UP which left me an absolute raging lunatic, swearing like a Jersey Shore cast member at anyone and everyone around me while I had my makeup done. (Including my poor soon to be mother-in-law, she must have wondered what her son ever saw in me.)"
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  • Molly 2 of 7
    "One of my bridesmaids refused to wear a slip. The bridesmaid dresses had a white skirt - needless to say, in our wedding video you can see her thong as she walked down the aisle. CLASSY!"
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  • Lori 3 of 7
    Oh, this is me back in 1998. My Maid of Honor and the Best Man had been dating for about three years. One week before our wedding the Best Man broke up with my Maid of Honor...sort of. He just stopped answering her calls and wouldn't talk to her. Needless to say, I spent my bachelorette party and wedding day consoling my best friend and shooting daggers at the Best Man. You think he could have waited a week to break up with her? Just seven lousy days?
  • Buzz 4 of 7
    "We had a lunch wedding/reception and we booked a helicopter to take us right from the ceremony to our honeymoon. We got to pretend we were fashion models out on the tarmac before takeoff."
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  • Shana 5 of 7
    "I guess the funniest part of our wedding was our choice in music for cake-cutting. Instead of the cheesy choices ("The Bride Cuts the Cake" or "When I'm 64"), we went with "Feed Me" from Little Shop of Horrors. Considering that we met while working with a community theatre group, it was only too appropriate."
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  • Whit 6 of 7
    "The sun set, the music played, and across from me stood the woman I would marry. And then we did. 'Contrary to popular belief,' said the minister, 'This is not a shotgun wedding.' It was the middle of the ceremony and he was acknowledging the sound of gunfire that had disturbed some poem, fable, or similar reading of heartstrings and literature. The guns were around the corner, props in a cowboy stunt show that was losing its audience to our nuptials and whispers of an open bar. The crowd laughed, the moment lingered, and some butterflies flew into the blur."
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  • Mary Lauren 7 of 7
    Mary Lauren
    "During his toast, my father (who is normally an eloquent speaker) referred to my new in laws as 'Kathy and Dick.' My father in law's name is Bill."
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Did something funny happen on your wedding day?

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