Babble Bloggers Share: Why We are Thankful for Our Spouses

Tis the season when we start drafting our wish lists and counting our blessings. We immerse ourselves in holiday traditions, attend festive celebrations, and give to charities, to people, and of our hearts. We celebrate all the gifts this season brings, some of the gifts felt all year long gifts such as friendship, family, companionship and love, which is one of the greatest gifts we will ever know.

Not long ago I asked my fellow Babble bloggers to share why they are thankful for their spouses. Their reasons were heartfelt, funny and inspiring. For us our thankfulness extends beyond holidays such as Thanksgiving and trickles into our todays and tomorrows. Each day we are blessed to be with the person we have chosen to go through life with is a gift and a reason for our hearts to swell with gratitude.

At times our spouses may make us crazy but they also make our hearts smile, our children’s faces light up, and our lives better because we get to share it with them. There is nothing more valuable than the people that we love. And so, during a time when gift giving and receiving is all the rage, let us not forget to be thankful for our greatest of gifts, one of them being the person we vowed to spend our forever and always with our spouse.

Continue reading to see why we are thankful for our spouses.

  • He Makes Me Laugh 1 of 8
    He Makes Me Laugh
    "I'm incredibly thankful for my husband. He's an amazing dad and he makes me laugh every single day. We've been together for 20 years, and married for 17, and my heart still does little flippity-flops when I see him. Plus, between the two of us, we're like one functioning adult." ~
  • His Strength 2 of 8
    His Strength
    "He was a rock in the face of Hurricane Sandy, making jokes with the kids and keeping the mood light when we were all scared, yet securing our home, and putting precautions into place. After 20 years, no matter what terrible situation we are faced with, he always makes me feel less tense and nervous when I'm upset and comforts me when I need it most. I am so thankful for him in so many ways and this is just one of them." ~
  • Her Kind Heart 3 of 8
    Her Kind Heart
    "My wife has one of the kindest hearts I've ever known, and because of that, she inspires me to continuously become a better person. For that, I am thankful." ~
  • His Sense of Humor 4 of 8
    His Sense of Humor
    "I am thankful that my husband has an excellent sense of humor and a thick skin, so he does not mind being the butt of the joke occasionally on my blog. In fact, he reads my blog every day." ~
  • He is Fun to Make Out With 5 of 8
    He is Fun to Make Out With
    "So I could wax poetic about how Cody knows me better than anyone and how he picks me up and dusts me off every time I fall down. I could also talk about what a good father he is and how well he takes care of and provides for our family. But honestly? Right now I'm super thankful he's so fun to make out with. After 13 years I still love practicing making tiny humans with him. He makes my heart flutter and my belly tumble. I love him madly and he loves me. For this, I am so, so thankful." ~
  • He’s a Great Dad 6 of 8
    He's a Great Dad
    "I'm thankful for my husband, Mike, because he's such a great dad - he spends so much time with our son, Willem, playing with him, taking him on outings, and is a great role model, contributing so much to the housework and supporting my crazy career. He also cleans the kitchen after dinner - most nights - and I'm the messiest cook I know!" ~
  • He Smiles and Nods 7 of 8
    He Smiles and Nods
    "I'm one of those special women who requires nothing short of demi-God who will understand and go with flow each time my mood changes, which is usually every 35 minutes or so. Fortunately my husband thinks I'm charming (moods included. Well, most of them, anyway), or at least he gets that it's just easier to smile and nod. Plus he keeps the kids out of the bathroom when I just need, like, five minutes to myself. It's the latter that makes me most grateful, but the former is nothing to sneeze at, either." ~
  • He Keeps His Promises 8 of 8
    He Keeps His Promises
    "Two years ago my husband Chris vowed to be my and my daughter's forever and always. Well before that he promised her that he would always be her daddy. He has always been careful with my baby's heart and went so far as adopting her so she could have his last name too, something she so wanted in addition to a daddy of her own. She is his baby too. This year we welcomed a new addition to our family and he loves 'his girls' just the same. My husband makes good on his promises and for that reason I am thankful for him." ~

Are you thankful for the gift of companionship too? Leave your reason why you are thankful for your spouse in the comments section or, if you’ve written a post about why you are thankful for them somewhere in the blogosphere be sure to leave the link below as I would love to read your words! And, if you are on Instagram, inspired by our weekly #babblegram, share with us a photo of you and your spouse or a photo that represents why you’re thankful for them! Share your photos using the hashtag #ThankfulForMySpouse. Come on! Don’t be shy!!

May your eyes and hearts continue to be open to the many gifts that surround you and filled with gratitude and may you find yourself underneath the mistletoe with the one you love.


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