Babble Readers' Parenting Resolutions for 2011

What resolution will your family make?

Christmas is nearly upon us, which means we have 10 days left to make New Year’s resolutions. (30 seconds before the ball drops — by which time you might have had quite a bit of champagne — isn’t the time to start thinking about it.)

A good resolution sets your course for the rest of the year, which is why it must be both attainable and challenging.

Recently, we posted a list of 25 New Year’s resolutions every family should make. The Strollerderby team weighed in with their parenting resolutions, and then we asked our readers to share theirs.  Here are a few of our favorites (after the jump!):

1.     To “unplug” from technology & “plug” in to my family

2.     To wear more jewelry. It makes me feel good and is so easy to forget in the busy day-to-day

3.     To be more positive — in work and life. This includes not talking negatively about other people

4.     To not flinch when pointing out that someone else’s kid is a brat. Sorry, but the time has come when it needs to be said

5.     To not to look pregnant anymore, so my 4-year-old will stop telling me I have a baby in my tummy

6.     To stop apologizing for my kids

7.     To build my limited reserves of patience

8.     To not say things to strangers like, “He’s normally such a happy kid,” when my toddler has a public crankdown. He’s a toddler, it happens now and then

9.     To make more down time for me

10.  To only eat chocolate Monday through Sunday (we’d like a follow up in 2012 on how this goes!)

In addition to resolutions, one of our readers resolved to not make the classic “lose weight” resolution — and we applaud her! What do you think of the whole New Year’s resolution-making tradition?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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