Babble Releases “Top 50 Apps for Parents” List

Sometimes I think about how I managed to do things back in the dark ages — you know, five or six years ago — and cannot believe I ever survived without a smartphone (as recently as 15 years ago I didn’t even have a cell phone! GASP!). These days I might leave my house without my wallet but I’d never, not in a million years, leave without my iPhone (no, not the newest, I haven’t upgraded yet, sob).

I’m not an app hoarder — I have about 80 installed on my phone and really use only about a dozen regularly and while a good number of those are actually for my daughter (probably about a third, in a mix of games and educational apps), most are for me and have become an integral part of my life.

I can’t go a day without using Instagram, and I pair that with Camera+ to take the photos and Snapseed to edit them. I have a handful of social media apps (usually the brand name app), use Socialcam for shooting quick videos, and would get lost with Waze. These days my phone is at about 80% memory capacity so I’m cautious about adding more apps, and fully intend when I do finally upgrade my phone I will get the 32g iPhone to accommodate even more apps.

Thank goodness Babble put together this great list for some more app suggestions! Looking it through it, I’ve found at least ten or fifteen that I now feel like I can’t live without such as My Fitness Pal now that I’m working hard on fitness and losing weight. I’m not waiting to get Pocketbooth because lord knows I NEED MORE PHOTO APPS. Maybe The Coupons App will inspire me to use coupons (I suck at coupons). I must have Apps Gone Free because nothing beats free apps, am I right?

Tell me; did your favorite app make the list? You’ll forgive me for this, but one of my favorite organizing apps, AboutOne, didn’t make the list. I might be biased, though, since I work for them too (but I still think the app is pretty awesome).

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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