Baby Bangs! Want People To Stop Calling Your Bald Baby Girl a Boy? Put a Wig on Her.

"After" Baby Bangs, the hair headband for bald baby girls.

My babies were always bald until almost 2 years old. Of course, my first three children were boys, and I don’t remember being bothered by their lack of hair. But when I had a girl you can bet that at the first sign of hair (and yes, it took forever) I put a bow in it. Would I have considered going as far as putting a wig on my bald baby girl’s head a la Baby Bangs, the hair head-band for babies that looks really real? No, probably not, unless it was for Halloween or something. But man does that look real!

Is it a boy or a girl? "Before" Baby Bangs...

Did you have a bald baby? Did it bother you? Do you think these Baby Bangs hair bands are totally genius or crazy creepy?

Thanks to Elizabeth for the heads up!

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