Baby Born In Hospital Parking Lot After Bomb Threat

Tessa Kilgore holds her newborn baby girl.
Tessa Kilgore holds her newborn baby girl.

Talk about a dramatic birth story. Newborn Kylie Babbs has one for the ages.

The little girl was born in an Alabama hospital parking lot after her mom was evacuated from the building because of a bomb threat.

As Yahoo Shine reports, about 75 patients were forced to evacuate Walker Baptist Medical Center after a bomb threat was reported.

“It was scary. I didn’t know if I was going to have to hold her in until we got back inside or what,” Kilgore, 21, told Yahoo! Shine. “I was just like, Are you serious? I was freaking out inside.”

It went down July 5th. Kilgore was ready to roll in the delivery room when she was told she needed to evacuate. Can you imagine? Um… I’m a little busy now.

Staffers took patients wherever they could: a surgery center across the street, a nearby community center, and the parking lot.

They just wheeled Kilgore’s stretcher outside. “First we brought her to the back parking lot, but that wasn’t far enough away,” obstetrician, Dr. LoRissia Autery, told Yahoo! Shine. “So then we brought her out front. It was raining, so I said, ‘How about under some trees?’ She was a very good sport about it.”

Nurses and family members held up blankets for privacy while Kilgore labored for about half an hour. When little Kylie was born everyone burst into applause. As Kilgore tells the Daily Mountain Eagle. “I”ˆthink that’s what made me cry the most.”

All I want to know: is she gonna get a discount for that birth?

Image source: Daily Mountain Eagle

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