Baby Born Without Chin Has Reason To Smile

lipsnchin_cropSome birth defects go unnoticed a person’s whole life.  Baby Don’s wasn’t like that.  Some birth defects are fatal.  Thankfully, Baby Don’s wasn’t like that either.  Unfortunately, the infant’s birth defect was one of those that not only was extremely noticeable but would have made the poor child’s life unpleasant at best.  Baby Don was born without a chin.  That meant he faced a life where even just breathing would be a painful challenge.

We do not live in the dark ages, however, and Baby Don’s story has a happy ending.  Thanks to modern medicine and Dr. Sacha Obaid, Baby Don has a new chin.  Dr. Obaid broke the baby’s jawbone and reshaped it.  Without this surgery, “he would be leaving the hospital today with a hole in his neck, with a tube in his stomach to eat, he would not be able to speak; he wouldn’t be able to speak for years,” Dr. Obaid said.  Now he is growing and happy.

But that’s not the happy ending — at least not the only one.  “He’s very happy, he smiles at everybody that comes by his crib,” said Mary, his foster mom.  A retired nurse, it will be her job to turn the tiny screws that hold the infant’s new jaw in place as he grows.  Mary will care for him for another six weeks and then Baby Don becomes Aiden as he joins his new adoptive family.  His mom, dad, and big sister are waiting for him to come home to them.

So for a baby born facing a rather dismal future, Baby Don has not one, not two, but three very happy endings.  “You can tell he’s a baby that’s loved,” said Dr. Obaid.  Indeed.

Photo: puravida

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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