Top Ten Retro Baby Names for Boys

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Classic or Old-Fashioned?

My parents find it amusing that so many of their grandchildren’s friends have names that were popular in previous generations. “They all sound like old ladies and old men,” my mom has said (ignoring the fact that one of her granddaughters is named Ruby, a classic old-fashioned name).

For some years now, old-fashioned baby names such as Sadie, Hannah, Max, and Nathan have been popular at the playground. Rather than call them “old-fashioned,” I prefer to think of them as “classic” or “timeless.”

Recently Nickelodeon Connect wrote about classic baby boy names saying “giving baby boys names associated with great-grandpas and pop-pops is currently one of the hottest baby-naming trends! From Albert to Zeke, baby boy names from yesteryear are as modern as they come.”

Of course, in many cases, these kids are named in honor of grandparents or great-grandparents. Other times, parents are returning to previous generations’ names as a way of rejecting trendy names from the 80s and 90s.

Here are Nickelodeon Connect’s picks for Top Ten Retro Baby Names for Boys:

1. Hank

2. Louis

3. Harry

4. Eli

5. Charlie

6. Archie

7. Owen

8. Fred

9. Leo

10. Henry

A few of my favorite boys’ names made the list: Leo, Henry, and Eli. But Fred just makes me think of Fred Flintstone. Archie conjures up images of Betty, Veronica, Jughead and the rest of the Archie Comics gang.

Which retro names do you like? Do you think future generations of parents will name their kids “retro” names like Britney, Tiffany, Brandon, Jaden, and Jessica?

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