Can a Onesie Determine Your Child's Career Path?

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Onesies for Cute Babies

Whether we’re in an office or at home, what we wear sends a message to the world. But what about our babies? Are their onesies their way of expressing themselves?

Obviously, I realize that parents are the ones who buy the onesies and dress the babies. So I guess the question should really be: are parents using onesies to send a message about their baby to the world? If so, what sort of sort of statement is your baby’s onesie making?

Some onesies declare the baby’s future spot at Harvard or Princeton; others show allegiance to a particular sports team city, or parent (for instance “Daddy’s Little Girl). There are even onesies which some lactivists feel are anti-breastfeeding.

Now a children’s clothing company is suggesting that a onesie can actually help to determine your baby’s career path….sort of.

Baby Potential says that gender roles in career fields are deeply ingrained. They point out that 60% of veterinarians are women and 80% of professional chefs or head cooks are men. Apparently,only a little more than 6% of women are rocket scientists. How to equalize the genders? With gender-neutral career-minded onesies, of course!

“We really wanted to communicate that every baby has the potential to be whatever he or she wants to be,” said Baby Potential founder Dacia Napier, a San Antonio radiologist and mother of two.

Baby Potential offers onesies and t-shirts embroidered with a choice of 12 silk-screened career patches including, Rocket Scientist, Veterinarian, Rancher, Chef and, of course, President.  What about Accountant, Bank Teller, Hair Stylist or Blogger?

I love the idea of letting kids know that they can be anything they want to be when they grow up. But the notion that a onesie can make a difference in this department seems a little ridiculous to me. That’s not to say a baby wouldn’t little awfully cute wearing a onesie that said “Future President!” What do you think?

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photo: Baby Potential

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