Big Baby Boys Grow Up to Be Manly Men

big baby boys
Your big boy is likely to grow up to be a stud.

If you’ve got a son who was wearing size 12 months by 6 months, chances are he’ll grow up to be tall, strong – and get this – quite a Casanova!  “As adolescents, these boys are likely to reach puberty earlier, have higher testosterone counts” and are more likely to score with chicks before the other dudes, according to The Press Association.

A recent study followed nearly 800 young Filipino men from birth and found “those that were well nourished as infants displayed more traditionally ‘male’ characteristics as adults.”  Scientists link their manly attributes to a surge of testosterone shortly after birth.

“We looked at weight gain during this particular window of early life development because testosterone is very high at this age and helps shape the differences between males and females,” says Christopher W. Kuzawa, associate professor of anthropology in the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences at Northwestern University. 

Kuzawa notes that “early experiences can have a permanent effect on how the body develops, and this effect can linger into adulthood,” reports Science Daily.  “Another way to look at it is that the differences between the sexes are not hard wired, but are responsive to the environment, and in particular to nutrition,” he says.

Interesting.  But that leaves us with so many questions, like whether or not this is true for boys from other cultures, and whether or not the relationship between girls and early nutrition breeds women with large chests who are eager to roll in the hay.  Indeed, if early weight gain in girls produces “girly” effects, what are they?  Is chastity the female equivalent of male virility?  And is early weight gain in girls a good thing?  We’ve been told that babies gaining too much weight can lead to health problems later in life, so I’m assuming this weight gain Kuzawa is referring to is compared to malnourished babies.  And is he trying to insinuate that skinny boy babies will grow up to be gay?  My head is exploding!  I guess we’ll just have to stay tuned.  Meanwhile, if you’ve got a 6 month-old girl headed off to a play date with a big 6-month-old boy, be careful he doesn’t put the moves on.  They might crawl off into the sunset.

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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