Would You Buy a Doll That Gives Birth?

baby doll
Baby Doll Giving Birth

First there was Bebe Gloton, the breastfeeding doll designed to create awareness of the importance of breastfeeding. Now there is MamAmor, the doll which not only breastfeeds, but also gives birth!

The doll was designed by Adriana Guerra, a doula and mother of three kids who were born at home. She hopes the dolls will promote attachment parenting.

“MamAmor dolls are educational tools that demonstrate normal, natural birth, breastfeeding and bonding. They can also be used to help prepare children for the arrival of new siblings. They are appropriate for ages 3 and older, but with adult supervision, they can be used in play with younger children as well,” according to the MamAmor web site.

These handmade dolls give birth (through an elasticized “vaginal canal”) to newborn baby dolls — there’s even an umbilical cord and placenta (although I doubt there’s merconium, blood, or amniotic fluid). They even feature a handy snap so the dolls can “breastfeed” their newborn babies.

The dolls range in price from $130-$145. It sounds quite pricey until you see the detailed work that goes into them.

Guerra also sells accessories including slings, diaper bags and glasses. Apparently, the dolls are sold out, but Guerra is expecting to deliver (get it?) again on December 12.

I think the dolls are a great idea (I’m all for demystifying childbirth), but I suspect that some people might find them too explicit for young kids.

Over at The Stir, Christie Haskell gives the dolls a thumb’s up:

I want my kids to think of breastfeeding and birth as totally natural, and what better way than to even include it as a normal thing for play? I like the breastfeeding aspect especially, since I don’t give my daughter bottles to feed her dolls with.

What do you think? Would you buy your kids a doll that gives birth?

photo: MamAmor

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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