Baby Dolls That Look Like Dad

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A doll with Dad's face. Weird.

Move over ratty baby blanket, there’s a new lovey in town. And it looks (and sounds!) just like Mom or Dad.

The Parent Doll is a custom-made stuffed toyed with the face — an actual image — of Mom or Dad.

The doll kits cost around $70 (but they’re marked down to $39.95 + shipping right now). First, upload your image, pick hair color, skin tone and order the doll. Included in the doll is a digital recorder than can hold up to four different messages for a total of eight minutes of songs, stories and “I love you”s.

The result is … well. I’m not saying Mom or Dad are freaks, but the resulting plushie is freaky to behold.

According to the company Little Feet Forward, the dolls are a close second to having Mommy or Daddy (or Grandma or Grandpa!) there in person.

I really want to make fun of the dolls, but! I couldn’t help notice that the Mom Soldier and Dad Soldier versions are totally sold out. Maybe a doll with Mommy’s face is the next best thing to having mom tuck you in every night.


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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