How to Really Say ‘Ergo’ and ‘Avent’: Baby Brands Pronunciation Guide, Part 2

Modern parenting means never spelling your kids’ friends’ names right on the first try. It also means having to navigate the dark forest that is complex and plentiful baby gear — by makers you hadn’t ‘t heard of until that second pink line showed up on the pregnancy test.

Who knew you needed all that? And how in the world to you pronounce that brand?

Following up on the popular Baby Brands Pronunciation Guide, here are a dozen more baby brands that have caused some confusion. There’s only one way to say HaPe or UPPAbaby and, no, “my kid is fancy” doesn’t count.Baby Brands Pronunciation Guide, Part 2

  • Ergo 1 of 12
    These popular baby carriers are ergonomically designed, ergo (ahem...) the name! So which is it, "URR-go" or "AIR-go"? Customer service told me both are fine. But around company headquarters, they use the former: "URR-go."
  • Mutsy 2 of 12
    These Dutch strollers are more sophisticated than cutesy, even though that rhymes with the name. "MOOT-sy" (or, even more accurately, make that first syllable rhyme with "put").
  • Clek 3 of 12
    These sleek and kind of locavore -- all parts and assembly is done in North America -- booster seats are made by a company that used to be into auto-supplies. The name rhymes with "neck" and their newest model, the Oobr, rhymes with "goober."
  • HaPe 4 of 12
    These cool wooden toys make kids and their grown-ups happy, but that's now how you say the brand name. It's "ha-PAY."
  • Natursutten 5 of 12
    The maker of these popular, natural-rubber pacifiers is German, so say "na-TOUR-sue-'en" as best you can.
  • Nuk 6 of 12
    Another German company, Nuk rhymes with "duke" not "duck." In fact, Nuk is kind of the generic term for pacifier for many German speakers.
  • Nuby 7 of 12
    Sippy cups, pacifiers, bottles, teethers: they make it all for your newbie, which, incidentally, is how you pronounce the brand (not "nubby").
  • P’kolino 8 of 12
    Who isn't impressed by the clever, modern design of these wooden toys and furniture? Now impress others by pronouncing it "pee-ko-LEE-no."
  • Quadrilla 9 of 12
    This company makes the best and most versatile marble runs on the market -- all out of wood. It's yet another German company and you say it "kvah-DREE-la" or even "kwah-DREE-la."
  • Avent 10 of 12
    You know them as the maker of bottles and breast pumps, but are you saying the name right? Emphasize the first syllable, which makes the same "a" sound as "Ack! I've been pumping for 20 minutes and only one measly ounce!"
  • Siliskins by Silikids 11 of 12
    You don't say "silly-cone," when talking about silicone, which is what these glass bottle protectors are made from. But you do say "silly-skins" and "silly kids" the company.
  • UPPAbaby 12 of 12
    Where else is there to go, kid, but up? Especially in this fancy "UP-puh" baby stroller.

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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