You Might Be Saying It Wrong: Baby Gear Pronunciation Guide

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You might be saying it wrong: a pronunciation guide to popular baby brands.

Nothing says “new parents” more than gross mispronunciations of brands the rest of us have been living with since forever. I’m no corporate shill, don’t get me wrong. You’re free to stumble through a conversation on best car seats or most innovative strollers however you want.

But I tend to want to know how I’m supposed to pronounce things. Yet with some common baby product brands, you never hear them the same way twice.

So I’ve culled through lists of the popular and/or fancy baby products that are commonly pronounced at least two different ways. I contacted corporate offices and put it all in this handy pronunciation guide.

Print it out, pass it on, or look for that one brand you have avoided saying out loud since you tore off the gift wrapping at your first baby shower (Britax, I’m looking at you!).


Got a question about a brand I missed? Leave it in comments and I’ll work on a follow-up.

  • Joovy 1 of 15
    Don't over-correct on this one. It's not "HOO-vy" or "JJJJOO-vy. Rather, it sounds just like the nickname for juvenile hall. No connection, of course!
  • Aden + Anais 2 of 15
    I'm sure "AY-dun" and "uh-NAY," who the company was named after, are as lovely as this company's muslin swaddlers. Having the "oh THAT's how you pronounce it" conversation isn't so much. But anyway, THAT's how. Spread the word.
  • Baby Bjorn 3 of 15
    The first half shouldn't be a problem, but that pesky "j" and the two dots are throwing too many non-Swedes off. It's "be-YORN"* not "bah-JORN," which is the sound your fingernails make when dragged across a reduced-price IKEA chalkboard. * Note in comments: Swede insists it's "be-YEARN". We'll go with that!
  • Britax 4 of 15
    It's an English brand so you'd think it's a combo between "Britain" and, uh, "tax." Yet it's not. Let's settle this now: it's "BRIGH-tax."
  • Chicco 5 of 15
    This is a sneaky one! Think Italian, not sorta Spanish. Say "KEY-ko" not "CHEEK-o."
  • Fleurville 6 of 15
    That first syllable rhymes with "fur," the second "pill." "FLURR-vil". Easy!
  • Medela 7 of 15
    Here's one I've mispronounced since my very first letdown. It's "muh-DEE-la," not "muh-DAY-la" as I used to think.
  • Mustela 8 of 15
    Fancy and imported-smelling, there's nothing exotic about how to say "muh-STELL-a." Just like that.
  • Oeuf 9 of 15
    Can't figure out all the vowels on this one? Just punch yourself in the stomach. That sound you make? That's the name of this company.
  • Pediped 10 of 15
    No two syllables are alike in this company name. It's "PEE-di-ped."
  • Peg-Perego 11 of 15
    Stop dropping the g's and making things complicated. It's "peg-PERR-eh-go."
  • Robeez 12 of 15
    Turns out, the founder of Robeez has a son named Robbie. So the brand sound's like "Robbie's" not "row-bees".
  • Stokke 13 of 15
    Yet another Scandinavian company, Norwegians say Stokke like "STOWE-kah."* I've heard "STOW-kie" but have been assured that it most definitely is not that. *More accurately, says commenter Swede, it's "STOCK-kuh." Huh.
  • Svan 14 of 15
    Rhymes with "swan" not "Stan." I mean, I know YOU know that, but you'd be surprised ...
  • Zutano 15 of 15
    Don't be fooled by the simple lines of this company's kids clothes. Pronunciation is as mixed as the patterns in their famous fabrics. Research suggests that the second syllable, not the first, gets the stress. So, "zu-TAH-no" not "ZOO-tah-no."

Now that you can pronounce them, check out our favorite stoller brands for baby!

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