What You Eat While Pregnant Affects Your Baby's Gender. Really?

choosing your baby's gender
Can eating fruit help you have a girl? Sort of.

The Telegraph is touting a “study” – I put the term in quotes because it only followed 32 women and seems to reinforce old wives’ tales more than actual science – that showed women who eat “a diet rich in fruit, vegetables and rice are more likely to have baby girls.”  Well, sort of.  It’s not enough to eat just any fruits and veggies if you want a girl.

32 Dutch women who already had male children participated in the trial and were asked to eat a “special little girl diet” including foods like “goat’s cheese salad, vegetable stew and rice pudding.”  Apparently, the old nursery rhyme is wrong.  Little girls aren’t made of sugar and spice.  They’re made of foods rich in calcium and magnesium.  So what are little boys made of then according to this study?


Of course.  As if puppy dog tails aren’t awkwardly curvy enough, male chromosomes – according to this research – are derived from the reaction of the egg to potassium in the blood stream.

According to The Telegraph, “The result of the five-year project was that 26 women had girls and only six gave birth to boys.”  The women involved in the study were also asked to try to conceive at a certain time in their ovulation cycle, but scientists believe that their special little girl diet was the most important factor in developing girls in the womb.  “It is thought that levels of minerals in the blood affect the unfertilised egg, making it more receptive to female chromosomes,” The Telegraph reports.  Researchers plan to conduct the same experiment with “women who have girls and want to have a little boy.”

Unfortunately this study doesn’t tell you what to eat if you don’t have any children yet and want your fetus to be born rich, though I’d try foods gold in color like corn and lemons, yellow squash and beer.  If you’d like your child to be an athlete, try eating malted milk balls.  And if you’re hoping to have a scholar, try getting pregnant in a library.  But remember to keep it down in there.  Some people are busy doing actual research instead of this kind of bunk.

Maybe I’m being too hard on this research.  After all, this is the second time scientists from Maastricht University in Holland have suggested that foods can help determine the sex of a baby, and their earlier study involved 172 women with the same 80% success rate.  Since I already have a girl, if I ever get around to getting pregnant again, I’ll try eating bananas to have a boy.  (And, since bananas are gold, I’ll hopefully have a wealthy fella at that.)

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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