Baby-Inspired Tattoos You'll Love!

Would you let your kid design your tattoo?

Would you ever let a 4-year-old design a tattoo for you? That’s exactly what some parents do!

The Stir had a recent piece about a dad who has his son’s artwork tattooed on his arm. That’s a creative way to preserve a child’s drawing, but I would never.

On the other hand, I have two kid-inspired tattoos of my own. Each of my arms has a circle representing one of my daughters: a river for Rio and a rose for Serena Rose.

A lot of parents get tattoos to celebrate their child’s birth. Why not? It’s a momentous occasion, one you’ll surely never want to forget. That’s a perfect rite of passage to celebrate with body art!

Here are some of the interesting ways parents have honored their kids through tattoos.

  • Kid’s Drawings 1 of 7
    Kid's Drawings
    Kid's drawings can make great, if quirky, tattoo designs. What a creative way to preserve your preschooler's artwork.
  • Henna Belly Tattoos 2 of 7
    Henna Belly Tattoos
    A henna tattoo can be a great way to celebrate your pregnant belly.
  • Mother and Child Tattoo 3 of 7
    Mother and Child Tattoo
    Some parents go for a sweet image that reminds them of their kids' baby days.
  • Your Kid’s Name 4 of 7
    Your Kid's Name
    Your kid might be the one exception to the rule about never having a loved one's name tattooed on your body.
  • Baby Feet Tattoos 5 of 7
    Baby Feet Tattoos
    I wish I'd thought of this when my kids were born. They're the cutest things.
  • Temporary Tattoos 6 of 7
    Temporary Tattoos
    Temporary tattoos are just the thing when your kids want to get in on the wearable art action.
  • Symbolic Tattoos 7 of 7
    Symbolic Tattoos
    This is a shot of my own baby-inspired tattoo. Each of my arms has an armband with a symbol representing one of my daughters.

Thinking of ink? Consider the pros and cons of getting a tattoo!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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