Baby Names for The Upper Crust

Do you allow your children to play with plastic toys? Have they seen a Disney movie or even own toys or clothing emblazoned with Sleeping Beauty or Lightning McQueen? Do you push — gasp — a Graco stroller?

Then you are not the target market for this list by Pamela Redmond Satran, the self-styled “baby name expert” who runs nameberry.com. recently on the Daily Beast, she shared her The Elite’s Top 50 Baby Names.

Mock though I do, I admit her description of an elite’s baby-naming process sounds a lot like mine:

Looking for the perfect name for your firstborn, you practically earn a degree in actuarial science studying the Social Security most popular names list. Of course you wouldn’t choose a ubiquitous name like Emily or Jacob, but you’re also determined to suss out those names that are rising too fast through the ranks: Lila and Luca, Peyton and Pax.
No, what you want is a name as classy as a sterling teaspoon, as cool as vintage Balenciaga, as hard to locate as a wood-framed cottage in Manhattan—yet just as desirable.

Sounds disturbingly familiar, although mine stemmed from spending 20-odd years of schooling always being Amy K. or Not That Amy, The Other Amy rather than a desire to flaunt elite status (which would be hilariously inappropriate anyway).

Satran has worked out a formula adding or subtracting points to the top 25 names searched on her site. The more points, the higher the name ranks among elite parents. These sound about right based on the people I know, although I’d quibble with Olivia still being an “elite” name. Personally, it’s always been a favorite but got knocked off my list when over the space of a few years, it went from being the name of the adorable little girl from whose parents we bought our house to the name of the daughter of the couple we knew who were most likely to end up on a daytime talk show (and not a nice one like Oprah, either).

She makes an interesting point — elites are almost opposite the general population when it comes to boy’s and girl’s names. Mainstream America tends to stick with solid, classic names for boys and fanciful ones for girls. Elites choose names with softer sounds and vowels for their boys (Asher, Leo) and often, more classic names like Jane and Caroline for girls.

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Article Posted 9 years Ago

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