Baby Removed; Mom Blames Bagel

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Does this contain controlled substances?

Child and Youth Services authorities removed a 3-day-old baby from her mother after the mother tested positive for opiates. But Elizabeth Mort says a poppy see bagel is to blame for her failed drug test.

A law in Pennsylvania allows hospitals to screen routinely for drugs following the birth of a baby. But the Pittsburgh American Civil Liberties Union is suing Jameson Hospital for not taking into account what the mother had eaten before getting a court order to have the child removed.

A hospital spokesperson says they followed the law.

The baby has since been returned to Mort, and the hospital is reviewing its procedures.

Is there more to this story? Did a hospital really not question the results before pushing for a newborn to be removed from its home? Were there other suspicious signs? Is there really no due process for parents — and children, whom the law that allows for routine screening supposedly protects?

On the other hand: a poppy seed bagel? Could one really contain enough opiates to show up in a significant amount in a blood test?

But back to removing a child without question: is this really the only option in cases like this and like this?

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