Baby Yoga What's the Big Deal?

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Sure, swing my son.

One of the first things I figured out as a new mom is that babies are kind of hard to break. Not that I was trying! But things happened.

The crappy “bassinet” feature of the pack-n-play caved in with my squirmy 3-week-old on board. The floppy newborn neck got the best of my as-yet uncoordinated cradling arms. I didn’t really know that books on a shelf could possibly come tumbling down on a new crawler/sly-book-tugger … until they did.

So Lena Fokina? The Russian baby yoga lady? She doesn’t bother me much.

I mean, would I have signed up my newbies for classes with her? No. But that’s more a matter of me being not so hot on all matters of snake oil.  Anyway, Fokina claims that swinging infants around by their arms is a way of making them more courageous and what I’m looking for in my young children is fear, anguishing fear and whatever else will keep them from climbing up on the dinner table and dive-bombing onto the nearby couch! (That’s really gotten on my nerves over the years.)

Now, w0uld I have, let’s say, allowed her to demonstrate her technique on one of my kids? Welllll, truthfully, I can see me running away in tears if it had been my precious oldest one, and walking indignantly away with my sturdy second. But my third? I’d have stripped him naked and tossed him to her. What the heck, you know?

Would have made a fun Facebook post, right?

Image: Dadwagon

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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