Baby’s Unbelievably Emotional Reaction To Mom’s Singing (VIDEO)

babycriesI’m about to show you a video that’s going to make you cry because you’ll feel so emotional.

The video is of someone else crying because they feel so emotional. That someone is a 10-month old baby listening to her mama sing a song.

I spotted the vid on The Huffington Post which says it found it on Reddit. It’s since been viewed more than 1.5 million times. I’m telling you, you won’t be the same after watching this. It’s that profound.

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According to, babies begin to experience emotions such as being happy, sad and angry by 10-months old. It’s when they begin to develop self-esteem and feel fear so a 10-month old becoming emotionally overwhelmed by mom singing a beautiful song isn’t that far-fetched… It’s just that this little girl seems to be a wise, old soul, doesn’t she? It’s like watching an adult who loves the opera sit front row center as Maria Callas belts it out. She is so moved her eyes tear up, she gasps and continues to listen. suggests the old belief that a baby’s smile probably means gas simply isn’t true. The site says experiments have shown babies are born with emotions and that within three months babies can react to and express five ‘basic’ emotions:

  •  joy
  •  interest
  •  anger
  •  sadness
  •  disgust.

What do you think? Can a 10-month old baby cry tears of joy and happiness?

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