Babysitting Service Provides Childcare at Rock Concerts

623932_rock_concertTopping the list of places I wouldn’t take my kids while they are small:  Rock concerts.  Not only are they noisy and hard on kids’ hearing, I’d never be able to relax and enjoy myself if I had to watch out for my kids instead of watching the band.

But a British child care service thinks they’ve found a compromise.  Boutique Babysitting is setting up two large childcare centers at two of Britain’s biggest music festivals — Latitude and The Big Chill.  Parents can drop their kids off at the temporary center — complete with rubber mats, blankets, and pillows — while they head out and enjoy the music.

“Like every parent that’s ever taken their child to a festival, we know exactly what it is like: you love having your kids there but even the most dedicated parent needs a break sometimes,” Boutique Babysitting co-founder Lisa Merrick-Lawless told Reuters.
That quote begs the question:  Exactly what about taking your child to a rock concert makes you a dedicated parent?

It’s kind of like the argument about babies and bars.  Just because there’s child care at a festival — or just because you can your baby along when you go out for drinks — should you?  If you’re just bringing babe along to sleep away in a temperature-controlled tent with a bunch of other babies, why not leave him home with a babysitter instead?  You might not enjoy yourself as much, but I can guarantee your kid will.

My husband and I don’t get to as many concerts as we used to (see: kids), but we had lawn seats for a favorite band last summer.  We sat behind a big group of college-age kids who spent the night smoking pot and getting naked-er as the night went on.  Sure, I love to share my favorite music with my kids, but the night they spend with their grandparents seems far more age-appropriate.

What do you think — child care at music festivals filling a need?  Or encouraging parents to tote their tots to inappropriate venues?

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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