Back-to-School Blues: 5 Ways to Ease the Transition

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It can take kids an entire month to get back into school mode.

Either I hit the jackpot or I’m just that boring of a mom (my money is on option 2). Either way, my kids love school and heading back to the classroom, which they did two days ago, was no problem for us at all.

But not everyone picked crappy summer camps and unintentionally deprived their kids from regular contact with friends for almost three months. Not every child is begging for the first day of school to come a little faster. And it’s too late to suddenly become boring, which is the only tip I have to offer.

So how can you help kids make the transition from summer fun to school time?

Over at Momfia, Dr. Kanner offers some tips on how to help kids through the back-to-school blues. Kanner writes that it typically takes the first month back to get past the bedtime, morning and homework battles. For parents up in arms with trying to get their kids to cooperate with the school-year routine, Kanner analogizes back-to-school with Monday morning blues adults feel when returning to work after a weekend or vacation.

Here are 5 key points to keep in mind. From Momfia:

1. Most kids will have some normal adjustment issues about going back to school
2. Help them by talking to them about how you think they must feel
3. Both emphasize and help them stay on track with rewards and limits
4. Punishing behavior by itself is limited in effectiveness
5.  Regression typically weans over the first month back to school
Kanner also explains how to make these 5 points work.
Are your kids dreading the return to school? How are you helping them cope?
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