Back When Women Wanted to be "Fat"

Why be skinny?


Those were Marilyn Monroe’s legendary dimensions and the measurements to which all women aspired.

Nowdays, Ms. Monroe would be considered thick much in the way that Kim Kardashian is said to be curvaceous.

The skinny trend isn’t quite as bad as it was when Kate Moss dominated the scene but it’s still pretty bad. That’s why this post from Shine featuring ads from back in the day pushing weight gain to women seem so bizarre.

And yet, the more I looked at the ads (that feature skinny girls like Kate Moss as the ugly ducklings) the more I realized that it was just as bad then only in a different way. Now we think that if the media embraced curvy girls as the norm everything would be better but it wouldn’t, it would be just like the time in which these ads were created – women still unhappy with their bodies, only for a different reason.


Instead of embracing curves over skinny we need to embrace bodies of all types as sexy. There should be no ideal body type except for a healthy one. I don’t see that happening soon, do you? Do you seem one time period as being better than the other or are both equally damaging to women’s self-esteem?

Anyway, for kicks, check out these vintage ads featuring women dying to gain weight in order to be attractive.

  • Don’t Let Them Call You Skinny 1 of 5
    Don't Let Them Call You Skinny
    Instead of padding ourselves to bulk up our figure, as this ad implies women did, we are now squishing ourselves into one and sometimes two pairs of Spanx.
  • Those Poor Girls With “Naturally Skinny” Figures 2 of 5
    Those Poor Girls With "Naturally Skinny" Figures
    Don't we now all hate those poor girls with naturally skinny figures? Must be SO hard to eat all those cookies and stay so thin.
  • Too Skinny To Have Fun 3 of 5
    Too Skinny To Have Fun
    As opposed to now, when someone like Kate Moss is famous for saying "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels".
  • Why Be Skinny? 4 of 5
    Why Be Skinny?
    could this BE any more opposite than current American weight obsessions?
  • How Times Have Changed 5 of 5
    How Times Have Changed
    The girl in this ad, Edy Williams, is called "shapely". Which is now code word for fat.

To see the rest of the photos click on over to Shine from Yahoo

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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