Bad Mom? Mother Eating Herself to Death for Attention

Donna Simpson is a world record holder. In 2007 she broke the record for heaviest woman to give birth, at 520 lb (or as the Telegraph points out “the same as two elephant calves”).

Not satisfied with her single record as world’s heaviest mother, Simpson has set her aim on an even larger distinction. She is pushing to weigh 1,000 lbs. And she’d like you to pay to watch her do it.

On her website, people can watch Donna’s progress and donate money. Donna uses the money to buy more food.

And of course, she’s an American.

It’s incredible that a person could have such drive and tenacity for such a harmful thing. She has the desire and endurance of an athlete. An athlete in Bizarro Land. What kind of legacy does she leave her two kids when she becomes “the woman who died trying to weigh 1,000 pounds”? What lessons is she teaching them about taking care of yourself, the value of life and how far one should go just for attention?

I can’t say this reflects well on the people donating to her site either. What on earth are they supporting? A morbid laugh? The chance to part in someone’s death?

Source: Telegraph

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