Bakerella Created CakePops, Dammit!: When a Blogger's Awesome Goes Mainstream

I was sitting in a comfy hotel bed this morning and flipping through TV channels when I came across an infomercial for BakePops.

Uh huh, as in CakePops.

As in the delightful little confections that fellow blogger Bakerella created back in 2008.  I know this because I’ve been reading Bakerella from the start.  I’m a foodie and a sucker for gorgeous blogs and I’ve been a fan of hers since the beginning.  I watched the cheesy BakePops infomercial, mouth agape, because it was clear that the entire thing was a rip of Bakerella’s idea.  I immediately turned to my sister to share why I was so annoyed and pulled up Bakerella’s site for her to see.  And what a coincidence! The post currently up on her blog is about this Wednesday being the 4-year anniversary of the day when she first posted a pic of her now ridiculously famous cake pops.  She also listed some of the absolutely amazing things that have come her way since that day:

An appearance on Martha Stewart.

A cake pop demo and visit to The Pioneer Woman’s Lodge.

Features on Disney’s website, the Today Show and in magazines like People, Entertainment Weekly, Taste of Home, Family Circle, O, and more.

And let’s not forget her best-selling cookbook!

Her post then goes on to mention all of the other evidence that her idea was a stroke of genius:


  • Cake pops are sold in a certain world dominating coffee shop.

  • Bakeries and cupcake shops now sell them in their lineup.

  • Businesses have packaged sprinkles and such to market for them.

  • Commercials and other kits appeared. Some even use my designs. Flattering, I guess one could say.

  • Machines are now on the market to make them … albeit they don’t let you mix the frosting in or custom shape them.

  • Other books have surfaced on the topic, too, which just reinforces how popular cake pops have become.


    What struck me the most about her post was that there was not one ounce of bitterness or frustration on her part that, hello, everybody and their mama sells cake pops now!  I’m positive she’s benefitted financially via her cookbook, etc. but it drives me insane to walk into Starbucks and see cake pops in their dessert cooler or to watch a BakePops infomercial and to see no mention of the lovely Bakerella and her rockstar blog anywhere.

    Let’s just hope that while her name may not be plastered on everything, her idea is legally protected and she is behind the scenes, quietly raking in the dough. As it were.

    Article Posted 6 years Ago

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