Barbie and Ken Tie the Knot: An Amazing Photo Series Your Kid Will Love

We are entering the season of weddings and our family is gearing up for a busy Spring and Summer filled with the holy matrimony of friends. Despite the travel, the added expense, and the stress of wrangling children during the ceremony or the hassle of finding a babysitter, there’s a part of me that loves to attend weddings.

It’s probably that same part of me that loved to play dress up with my Barbie doll as a little girl and send her walking down the aisle with Ken. Apparently I’m not the only one that loves a good wedding between two crazy dolls in love. Camera savvy Beatrice de Guigne puts the efforts of my 6-year-old amateur wedding planning to shame in her photographic series of Barbie and Ken’s wedding.

She took the photos over the course of three days capturing everything from Barbie and Ken being helped into their wedding ensembles by their bridal party, to the ceremony, to the reception and after party. Her attention to detail is amazing. Have a look:


  • Laid out and ready to go 1 of 21
    Laid out and ready to go
    I love the detail Beatrice creates by draping his tuxedo over a miniature armchair.
  • Time to get dressed 2 of 21
    Time to get dressed
    It's only a little awkward that Ken is shirtless in this photo.
  • Ken and the boys 3 of 21
    Ken and the boys
    His friends are twins, right? I love the matching vests.
  • Time for a little hair styling 4 of 21
    Time for a little hair styling
    Barbie has a head full. This could take a while.
  • Bunny slippers 5 of 21
    Bunny slippers
    I love photographer, Beatrice's, attention to detail with Barbie wearing adorable, eared footwear.
  • The obligatory dress shot 6 of 21
    The obligatory dress shot
    Only Barbie could pull a gown like this off.
  • Barbie’s heels 7 of 21
    Barbie's heels
    Naturally, she's chosen pink for her big day.
  • Getting dressed with the girls 8 of 21
    Getting dressed with the girls
    Barbie has her besties help her lace up her gown.
  • Barbie’s on top of the world 9 of 21
    Barbie's on top of the world
    She's all dressed in white and, bonus, she's rocking a tiny top hat.
  • A classic bridal shot 10 of 21
    A classic bridal shot
    Barbie shows off her gown by stretching out on a chaise lounge.
  • Barbie and Ken say I do 11 of 21
    Barbie and Ken say I do
    The moment we've all been waiting for. You were waiting for it, right?
  • Kissing the bride 12 of 21
    Kissing the bride
    What little girl hasn't acted out this scene with her Ken and Barbie?
  • Just married 13 of 21
    Just married
    The happy couple pose for a post-ceremony photo.
  • Plastic love 14 of 21
    Plastic love
    It almost feels real.
  • A popular pose 15 of 21
    A popular pose
    The happy couple shares a loving gaze.
  • Picture perfect 16 of 21
    Picture perfect
    This miniature frame makes for an adorable photo opportunity.
  • The Barbie bridal party 17 of 21
    The Barbie bridal party
    It looks like Skipper didn't make it for the occasion.
  • The reception 18 of 21
    The reception
    A dinner in miniature enjoyed by Barbie and friends. I love the tiny place settings.
  • First dance 19 of 21
    First dance
    This shot in black and white makes this photo feel more magical.
  • Lovebirds 20 of 21
    Ken's hand on Barbie's face in this one is a sweet touch. (No pun intended.)
  • Bust a move 21 of 21
    Bust a move
    Looks like Barbie's reception has turned into a techno dance party.

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