Barbie for President! And 25 More of Her Incredible Careers (Photos)

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Photo of candidate Barbie in her packaging before my daughter gleefully opened her.

In spite of the fact that I have tried each time to put her to bed before they’ve started, my 7-year-old daughter has watched all three Presidential debates with me this election season. Her running commentary is always hilarious, and she honestly pays close attention to what each candidate is saying. Some of her gems from last night include, “It’s totally weird that the President only gets 4 years to do everything he needs to do. It takes 4 years to do like 2 things,” and on Romney, “Why does he keep saying friends? He doesn’t have any friends! That’s why only 43% of people voted for him.” She’s a poll watcher! Who knew?!

My daughter has been acting out all things election-related for the past few weeks with the Presidential Candidate doll given to her by the nice people at Barbie. I never expected to raise a girl who loves Barbie, but I’ve definitely got one on my hands, and through my daughter’s love of the various dolls, I’ve grown to chill out about the blue-eyed, blonde, big-breasted beauty ideal the original Barbie represents. Each Barbie doll I’ve purchased or that my daughter was given by my niece, who was also a huge Barbie collector when she was little, has a different skin tone and hair color, and they all have different professional interests. Yes, some of them want to be fashionistas and others think they can make it in this recession as a mermaid (I mean, hello? How can you hustle without legs, girl?!), but others are ballet dancers or teachers, whether by virtue of the description on their box or the role my daughter has assigned them.

Because Barbie is so associated with the world of fashion these days, when my daughter opened her Barbie I Can Be … President doll, she said, “If Barbie were elected President, she would probably focus more on her clothes than anything else.” An interesting observation, especially considering that the doll is dressed in a flashy pink number — designed by Chris Benz — rather than a more traditional blue or red suit. However, as my daughter began to role play with her doll, she took Barbie’s executive potential seriously and started giving orders to her imaginary cabinet. (First bit of legislation signed by the Barbie Administration: Big Bird stays!) It’s worth noting that the 2012 I Can Be … President Barbie was produced in partnership with The White House Project, “a nonpartisan and nonprofit organization working to advance women in business, politics, and media.” If you’d like a fun, child-friendly way to get your child interested in politics or to help him or her understand what all this election hubbub is about, President Barbie could be a great play-learning tool. She stands on her own two feet (literally — as the packaging points out) and comes with a cardboard podium that my daughter kept so Barbie could make stump speeches, of course!

If you want more reasons not to toss Barbie aside in favor of wooden toys designed in Germany, here’s a look at some of the other ambitious career choices Barbie has made throughout the years:

  • Aerobics Instructor 1 of 25
    Aerobics Instructor
    From 1984.
  • Airline Pilot 2 of 25
    Airline Pilot
    From 1999.
  • Army Soldier 3 of 25
    Army Soldier
    From 1993.
  • Astronaut 4 of 25
    From 1965.
  • Baker 5 of 25
    From 2007.
  • Ballerina 6 of 25
    From 2006.
  • CEO 7 of 25
    From 1984.
  • Dentist 8 of 25
    From 1997.
  • Doctor 9 of 25
    From 1973.
  • Equestrian 10 of 25
    From 2009.
  • Firefighter 11 of 25
    From 1995.
  • Flight Attendant 12 of 25
    Flight Attendant
    From 1961.
  • Marine 13 of 25
    From 1992.
  • Naval Officer 14 of 25
    Naval Officer
    From 1991.
  • Newborn Baby Doctor 15 of 25
    Newborn Baby Doctor
    From 2009.
  • Olympic Swimmer 16 of 25
    Olympic Swimmer
    From 1974.
  • Pet Doctor 17 of 25
    Pet Doctor
    From 1996.
  • Police Officer 18 of 25
    Police Officer
    From 1993.
  • Presidential Candidate 19 of 25
    Presidential Candidate
    Barbie has run for President five times. This is a photo from her 2000 bid. She also ran in 1992, 2004 and 2008.
  • Racecar Driver 20 of 25
    Racecar Driver
    From 2010.
  • Registered Nurse 21 of 25
    Registered Nurse
    From 1961.
  • Rock Star 22 of 25
    Rock Star
    From 1986.
  • Sea World Trainer 23 of 25
    Sea World Trainer
    From 2009.
  • Soccer Coach 24 of 25
    Soccer Coach
    From 2008.
  • Student Teacher 25 of 25
    Student Teacher
    From 1965.

Photo credits: Mattel


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