Barbie Gone BAD! Sarah Haney's Haunting Photographs of Barbie's Dark Side

Sarah Haney's Take On Barbie

The everyday image of Barbie is of a perky blonde with a permanent smile leading a squeaky clean very G-rated existence. But photographer Sarah Haney has a totally different view of the world’s most popular (and beloved) doll. Her image of Barbie is far-darker, edgier and would earn something more akin to an R-rating.  Haney places Barbie – in a hauntingly eerie way –  into situations where there are drugs, drinking, prostitution, eating disorders and domestic abuse.

Haney speaks of her inspiration saying, “On the surface, Barbie appears perfect. She’s beautiful, has great clothes, several good careers, and a perpetual smile on her face. As a child, I was always bothered by that smile- I put her through any number of tragedies, but no matter what befell her, she kept that fixed little smirk.”

This was something that apparently nagged at Haney. Years later she decided to explore what could be happening in a different Barbie existence.  She stated, “As an adult, thinking about that fixed expression of pleasure made me start to think about what she might be hiding behind the façade of perfection…”

With her series of photographs she gives us a view at the “the dark side of life in the Dream House” and, “Barbie’s obsession with her body, Ken’s quest for sexual gratification, all the dirty little secrets they attempt to hide as they present themselves as icons of the American Dream.”

Check out images from Sarah Haney’s darker side of Barbie’s life right here. And no, these are not your dear Barbie loving daughter, these are just for you:

  • I’m Going to Make You a Star 1 of 14
    I'm Going to Make You a Star
    Barbie takes it all for the cameras.
  • Hey There, Handsome 2 of 14
    Hey There, Handsome
    Barbie as a prostitute. She is a working girl, but usually not that kind of working girl.
  • Closing Time 3 of 14
    Closing Time
    Barbie had one too many.
  • It’s Good to Be the CEO 4 of 14
    It's Good to Be the CEO
    Barbie going beyond her job description to help out the boss.
  • She Works Hard for the Money 5 of 14
    She Works Hard for the Money
    Barbie as exotic dancer.
  • Sunday Morning 6 of 14
    Sunday Morning
    Sunday morning and heading to the Bail Bondsman, wonder if Ken got in trouble.
  • The First Line is Always Free 7 of 14
    The First Line is Always Free
    Barbie being introduced to cocaine.
  • I Feel Pretty 8 of 14
    I Feel Pretty
    Ken likes to wear a dress.
  • Walk of Shame 9 of 14
    Walk of Shame
    Barbie walking home from a wild night.
  • Binge and Purge 10 of 14
    Binge and Purge
    So that's how she stays so skinny!
  • She Just Doesn’t Listen 11 of 14
    She Just Doesn't Listen
    Ken, he isn't as sweet as we thought.
  • So Much For the Afterglow 12 of 14
    So Much For the Afterglow
    Barbie with tears running down her cheeks.
  • Hello, Little Girls 13 of 14
    Hello, Little Girls
    Barbie and her girls being flashed by a stranger.
  • This Is Awkward 14 of 14
    This Is Awkward
    Yes, yes, this is awkward.

Images from Sarah Haney – Check out more of her series right here.

Via: Huffington Post

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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