Barbie Packs It Up: A Visual History of Barbie’s Dreamhouse (Photos)

Barbie Moving2The day was February 13th, the year, I’d rather not say. But on that day many years ago, I received my very first Barbie Dreamhouse.

I had hinted, begged, and pleaded to my parents, hoping that I would received the then-most-coveted dollhouse in the land. I was obsessed with Barbie. I had dozens of them, but this was not the result of being spoiled. Almost all of them were found at garage sales and flea markets using my allowance to buy them for myself. My family had a very tight budget and we recylced, upcylced and bought “vintage” before it was “hip.” To ask for a brand-new Barbie Dreamhouse, let alone to receive one, was a big, big deal for me.

My parents got their money’s worth; I played with the Dreamhouse every single day. It was a big part of my playtime and a cherished toy. Even when I outgrew playing with my Barbies, the Dreamhouse sat in the corner of my room as a reminder of my younger years. But eventually I had to say goodbye, and I packed it up and stored it in my parents’ basement, replacing it with a desk for the years when school work replaced playtime. And now, after 41 years of living in her Malibu Dreamhouse, Barbie herself is saying goodbye.

It was announced last week that Barbie is packing up and selling her home with the help of Josh Altman, a Los Angeles real estate agent who stars on Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing. You might wonder what the price tag on her 8,500 square foot abode would be in today’s market; it’s an astonishing $25,000,000! For more stats on the listing you can go to Trulia right here.

In honor of the Dreamhouse, check out this fascinating look at the evolution of Barbie’s house from the past 40 years:

  • Barbie House1962 1 of 7
    Barbie House1962
    Barbie started off small. Her 1962 home, was more like a dorm or a studio apartment. It was simple and meant for studying, (notice all the books on the shelves), relaxing and sleeping.
  • Barbie Townhouse -1974 2 of 7
    Barbie Townhouse -1974
    Barbie then decided that the mult-level townhouse was the way to go. The Townhouse came out in 1974 and included three floors of living space. This version includes a pool, a sitting room and an elevator.
  • Barbie Dream House 1979 3 of 7
    Barbie Dream House 1979
    For a while, Barbie lived in an A-frame cottage in bright yellow, red and orange hues. She was apparently really into gardening at the time as well.
  • Barbie Townhouse – 1983 4 of 7
    Barbie Townhouse - 1983
    This townhouse was a style that was not repeated and looks pretty surreal today, the photo backed design. Instead of having the furniture in reality, they opted to have the living areas represented in photographs.
  • Barbie’s Magical Mansion – 1990 5 of 7
    Barbie's Magical Mansion - 1990
    Entering into the 90s, Barbie opted to embrace her love for pink with this pink hued palace. From floor to ceiling, her home was decorated in various shades of pink, pink and more pink.
  • Barbie Dreamhouse 1998 6 of 7
    Barbie Dreamhouse 1998
    Pink, pink and more pink. This is when Barbie opted to go with a more antique vibe with wicker furniture, floral wallpaper and ode to Victorian architecture.
  • Barbie Dreamhouse 2012 7 of 7
    Barbie Dreamhouse 2012
    Continuing with her love of pink, Barbie's Dreamhouse includes two sitting/entertaining room, a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and an outside hot tub.

Photo Source: Mattel

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