Batkid Saves San Francisco: 10 Photos That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

On Friday, San Francisco was taken over by evil villains. But fortunately for us all, Batkid came to the rescue!

Batkid is none other than five-year-old Miles, a kindergartner with bright blue eyes and a contagious grin who has battled leukemia. Miles had a wish. The boy, who is currently in remission, wanted to be a superhero for a day. It’s a wish that many a kid might make, but Miles’ wish was heard by the Make-a-Wish Foundation, and they decided to make his dream come true. And what happened next is truly super, indeed. San Francisco was transformed into Gotham City.

Miles’ wish inspired a city, my city, to not just make it a “fun” day for the boy, but to make it an incredible, unforgettable day. It just isn’t helping this particular 5-year-old, but is also inspiring the country and giving many of us jaded folks an injection of a newfound faith in humanity.

Twelve thousand volunteers, yes, TWELVE THOUSAND, came to assist in the superhero festivities. A call out for volunteers went out last month, and it went viral. Next thing you know, there were thousands of citizens ready and willing to do whatever they could to make this an amazing day for the little boy with a simple wish.

During his superhero day, Miles rode in the Batmobile, rescued a damsel in distress tied to a mysterious green tank on the tracks of a cable car line, and stopped the Riddler from robbing a bank. A flash mob then alerted Miles that Lou Seal (the San Francisco Giant’s mascot) was being held captive by the Penguin. After saving Lou Seal and a quick stop for lunch  he was off to city hall, where the Mayor gave Miles the key to the city. And he deserved it — Miles saved us from all those baddies!

“He likes to be a super hero,” his mother said of Miles. “He is one. He beat an awful disease.” Not just that, but he brought thousands together to celebrate his life, his battle, and his wish.

As I write this, there is live coverage of the event on my TV, oodles of updates on my Facebook feed, and President Obama just tweeted about Batkid (UPDATE: Obama also sent out a video message for Miles). And if that isn’t superhero-worthy coverage, I don’t know what is.

Check out these 10 images from the event right here (plus a couple extra late editions!). What’s touching about them is the time, energy, and work that so many volunteers put into the event just for a five-year-old boy. Yes, these photos really do restore your faith in humanity.

  • Miles 1 of 15

    Meet Miles, aka Batkid.


    Photo Source: Make-A-Wish Bay Area/Twitter

  • News Alerts 2 of 15
    Bat Kid

    The local news in San Francisco chronicled all of the Batkid's adventures.


    Photo Source: Katheryn/Twitter

  • Batkid to the Rescue! 3 of 15

    Miles is more than ready to save the city.


    Photo Source: Make-A-Wish Bay Area/Twitter

  • Saves the Damsel 4 of 15
    Bat kid resuce

    Batkid saves the damsel in distress! His first big superhero act of the day.


    Photo Source: Nicole/Twitter

  • Batkid Supporters 5 of 15

    Local and nearby police supported Batkid and his crime fighting ways. The San Francisco Police Department was a big part of making the day's events run smoothly.


    Photo Source: Make-A-Wish Bay Area/Twitter

  • The Batmobile 6 of 15

    They even got a Batmobile to come whisk Batkid around town.


    Photo Source: Make-A-Wish Bay Area/Twitter

  • Batkid and Batman 7 of 15

    Batman was there too, but Batkid didn't really need any help.


    Photo Source: Make-A-Wish Bay Area/Twitter

  • The Riddler 8 of 15

    Adults got into the spirit of the day taking on roles as the villains, such as the Riddler.


    Photo Source: Make-A-Wish Bay Area/Twitter

  • Taking Charge 9 of 15

    Batkid on his way to stop the Riddler.


    Photo Source: Make-a-Wish Foundation/Twitter

  • The Newspaper 10 of 15

    The San Francisco Chronicle produced this special newspaper just for the day.


    Photo Source: via LA Times/ Twitter

  • The Crowds 11 of 15

    The penguin kidnapped Lou Seal, the San Francisco Giants mascot. Check out how they closed down streets and the huge crowds that came to watch Batkid!


    Photo Source: Make-A-Wish Bay Area/Twitter

  • Okay…ONE More 12 of 15

    I know I said ten images, but this one fills my heart with so much joy. This is the crowd that was waiting for Miles when he came to city hall. Wow. Just wow.


    Photo Source: Make-A-Wish Bay Area/Twitter

  • Extra Batkid Action! 13 of 15

    Another extra photo!
    Yes, Batman and Batboy confidently walk the city


    Photo credit: Make-A-Wish/

  • Triumphant 14 of 15

    Another extra photo

    All in a day's work!


    Photo credit: Make-A-Wish/

  • Batkid Our Hero 15 of 15

    The sign says it all.


    Photo credit: Make-A-Wish/

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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