Be Remarkable

I love this TED Talk by Seth Godin and while he shares several business-related examples with us during this 15 minute, if you are building your blog as a business, you need to listen to this presentation. The goal is to be remarkable. Your blog should be remarkable.

Adj -1. worthy of note or attention: a remarkable achievement

The thing about “remarkable” is that it’s not just something that is high quality – it’s something that someone makes note of. Wants to share. Wants to tell someone else about. It’s not boring!

When we’re talking about blogging, I think this is ┬ámore important than ever. What is your remarkable? And remember – sometimes the remarkable is something that common place to you but is worthy of note in the world at large. It’s the uniqueness – the YOU of blogging. Don’t be afraid to let it shine. Let your unique personality shine in how you write, what you choose to share and curate and what products or services your business chooses to offer.

Don’t be Afraid – Don’t be afraid to be the purple cow. Don’t be afraid to be a 40 foot dog statue made of bushes. (You’re listening to this video right?)

Find Your Key Community – In the video Seth calls them “otaku”. They are the ones who are highly engaged in whatever the topic is – sometimes very obscure. Find these key people and get connected with them and the word will spread.

Sell to the People Who Are Listening – Does it sound crass to use the word “sell” here? In a way even traffic and follows and retweets are people showing their support of you and your blogging efforts – same as buying a product is a show of support to that company or brand. I love with Seth says work with those who are listening.

That’s how you find your community and honor them! You give the best of your efforts to your most loyal following.

At the very end of this video Seth says “The riskiest thing you can do right now is be safe.” and I think this is the single greatest area for moms online to grow. What risks have you been putting off because safe felt too comfortable?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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