Be Thankful You Have: First World Problems

About a month ago, a meme was making its way around Facebook. It was a picture of Dawson crying and a series of statements described as “first world problems.” I quickly became obsessed with it.

What is a first world problem, you might ask? It’s a complaint that only underscores how privileged and spoiled you are. But it should also be funny. An acknowledgment that you get it. And it should be a reminder that whatever you’re complaining about is actually pretty silly.

After stalking the creator of the meme (the blogger who writes The Badger Hut), I got his permission to go crazy with applying this idea to life as a mom. So we threw a contest at Rants from Mommyland and had the Badger, Mommy Shorts and Pregnant Chicken judge the hundreds and hundreds of entries. The awesomeness of the results can be seen in the slide show below.

This week is all about giving thanks and being grateful. First world problems are a great way to laugh at ourselves, get a little perspective and recognize how fortunate we are. And maybe remember all the people in the world for whom a cold latte or a long line at the store is not a tragedy.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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