Beat the Blogging Blargh and Stay Motivated – Ten Tips and Tricks

It’s easy to fall into a funk when you blog – especially when you’re online and it’s your living now. What started out as a when-I-feel-like-it-hobby turns into something that pays bills and has obligations. That changes the entire dynamic, doesn’t it?

How do you stay motivated and keep from losing your blogging mojo? Here are ten ways you should try if you’re feeling blargh with a side of meh about your blog right now.

1. Go Take a Shower and Pretty Yourself Up

You know how I say “We can’t both look good. It’s me or the house!” – sometimes when you put yourself last in the equation of life your brain starts to shut off. Go take care of yourself and then go the extra mile and see how your attitude improves!

2. Read Other Blogs

If you only knew how much inspiration and motivation I drew from reading y’alls brilliance scattered all over the web. It’s amazing how refreshing it can be! Keep an open Google Doc or notebook handy to jot down ideas as you read.

3. Read Magazines and Books

Stay up-to-date as much as possible with current events, industry trends and cultural events, happenings as they are always great blog fodder. When we are constantly creating content it is important to make time to be continually inspired and always learning. It will make your work much richer and interesting. I am currently reading The New Capitalist Manifesto, One Thousand Gifts and Cognitive Surplus. Also, unless you are a pop culture pundit, lay off the sitcoms at night. Use your free time wisely.

4. Step Away From the Technology!

This comes from “How I Got My Motivation Back” and is such a great point.

Walk away from the computer and turn off the smart phone.  Good blog posts come from real life experience. How can you have these experiences if you’re always plugged in?

I try to have an Almost* No Internet Sunday until after the kids go to bed on Sunday nights. The Internet is always fine when I come back. Email, DMs and messages can wait until Monday.  My family appreciates talking to me face to face and not talking to the side of my face while I type.

*almost because I don’t always stick to it. I’m only human, I do what I can. Heh.

5. Family Time

Kids, dear husbands, in-laws – all of life is a stage I’m told. I mean – have you seen my boys? A lifetime’s worth of inspiration right there!

6. Learn Something New

Nothing is quite so motivational to me as learning something new. That “Ah ha!” moment when a new idea clicks into place in my brain. It’s magic!

7. Set a Timer and Write

Do you work better with a deadline? Set a timer and challenge yourself to write until the time is up. If that’s motivating for you it could definitely help!

8. Help Someone Else

Again – something that connects with me so personally is my desire to do the most good for the most people. It’s my business motto. So it’s highly energizing for me to find a way to help someone else through my online work.

9. Prayer or Meditative Activity

When I need to unwind and reconnect mentally, I go to the garden. I’ve heard others say that knitting or other activities like that are highly meditative for them and help them unwind. What activity do you enjoy that helps you clear your mind?

10. Brainstorm New Blogging Ideas

Take a look through your most popular posts and most commented on posts and use them as a starting place to begin brainstorming blog posts and ideas. Fill your notebook with as many ideas as possible and then pick one!

Have you felt yourself in a blogging blargh stage? How do you keep your mojo going? I would love to hear your tips and ideas.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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