Elegant and Eerie Portraits of Girls with Their American Girl Dolls by Ilona Szwarc

It is hard not to be mesmerized by the photographs of Ilona Szwarc. The Polish born photographer – who now lives in New York City – captures images of girls and young women with their beloved American Girl dolls. And the results are both elegant and eerie. “When I first came to the US the phenomenon of the American Girl doll immediately caught my eye,” Szwarc says. “Photographically it was a beautiful image — girls with their sculptural representatives, their twins, their avatars.” In her series, it’s not just about a beautiful images, it goes deeper than that. Szwarc examines, “how culture and society conditions gender and how it invents childhood. Gender becomes a performance that is mirrored in the performance of my subjects for the camera.”

Check out some of her stunning work in her American Girl Series right here:

  • Rylan, Long Island, NY 1 of 12
    Rylan, Long Island, NY
    Rylan takes a rest on a bed with her doll in a matching outfit. A stunning image.
  • Tiffani-Amber, Lido Beach, NY 2 of 12
    Tiffani-Amber, Lido Beach, NY
    Ladies in red. A gorgeous shot with both girls in identical outfits.
  • Sophia, Long Beach, NY 3 of 12
    Sophia, Long Beach, NY
    This young lady - in her school uniform - gives a piggy-back ride to her doll.
  • Jessica, Linderhurst, NY 4 of 12
    Jessica, Linderhurst, NY
    This is a powerful juxtaposition of a big between her American Girl doll and a stand up of Justin Bieber (sans head).
  • Carly, Merrick, NY 5 of 12
    Carly, Merrick, NY
    An American girl grows up.
  • Jade, Farmingville, NY 6 of 12
    Jade, Farmingville, NY
    While the last portrait showed a very well-heeled young woman, this one is of a girl coming from, what we'd assume, are far more humble origins. Amazing composition on this one with the wall stain, the stairs and the girl.
  • Jenna, Groveland, MA 7 of 12
    Jenna, Groveland, MA
    This American girl and her American girl doll each have their own horse. Quite a contrast to the other girls in the series.
  • Maya and Leela, Northport, NY 8 of 12
    Maya and Leela, Northport, NY
    These two girls appear quite stoic while posing with their mini-mes.
  • Jaelyn, Long Island, NY 9 of 12
    Jaelyn, Long Island, NY
    Family portraits and a image of Barack Obama are presented in the forefront of Joelyn's portrait.
  • Hannah, Dudley, MA 10 of 12
    Hannah, Dudley, MA
    Hannah shows off her gymastics skills while her American Girl Doll mimics her pose.
  • Pink Hair 11 of 12
    Pink Hair
    Donning a pink wig, this freckle faced little girl holds onto her patriotic American Girl Doll.
  • Kayla, Boston, MA 12 of 12
    Kayla, Boston, MA
    This is something so stunning and so mesmerizing about this award winning portrait.

Photo Source: With Permission from Ilona Szwarc

See more of her series and work right here.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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