Beautiful Book Sculptures for Proposals, Weddings, Anniversaries & More

Luciana Frigerio is a photographer turned paper sculptor who is selling delicate yet bold works of love made from recycled books. She crafts each one of her “paper works” by hand in one week, folding and cutting the pages of books into affectionate expressions that stand as a monument to feeling. Her book sculptures can be used in so many different capacities, yet they all convey an intimacy that comes from the personal nature of their intent and creation. Step into Frigerio’s romantic world of words and books:

  • image-3324 1 of 16
  • Infinity 2 of 16
    For a love that'll last through all time.
  • Joy 3 of 16
    The way you make me feel!
  • Marry Me 4 of 16
    Marry Me
    Bibliophile proposal.
  • Anniversary Date 5 of 16
    Anniversary Date
    Could also work to celebrate the birth of a child, the date you got your masters, etc.
  • Dream 6 of 16
    Beautiful gift for a partner or a child.
  • Love You Forever 7 of 16
    Love You Forever
    The books make such an impressive statement together.
  • 50 8 of 16
    For a 50th wedding anniversary. (Or a 50th birthday, of course!)
  • you & me 9 of 16
    you & me
    Reminds me of this incredibly romantic and wonderful Dave Matthews song. (I'm gonna trust in the fact that if you like books and romance, you like Dave Matthews, too.)
  • Love 10 of 16
    Frigerio makes these in other fonts as well, but this one in script is quite remarkable.
  • V <3 R 11 of 16
    V <3 R
    This would make a lovely wedding gift for a couple.
  • The best is yet to be. 12 of 16
    The best is yet to be.
    Perfect for newlyweds, but also a generally positive statement for anyone to live by.
  • Two Hearts 13 of 16
    Two Hearts
    Frigerio suggests that these books might be used as table markers at a wedding, or as a centerpiece for a bridal or baby shower.
  • ssshh 14 of 16
    I really love this one. Feels like a sweet gift to give someone you just fell in love with. Also great for a library! Ha.
  • Ti Amo 15 of 16
    Ti Amo
    Love is love is love.
  • XO 16 of 16
    My favorite. So sweet. A hug and a kiss for your partner or for your child going away to college.

All images via Frigerio’s shop on etsy. Visit her shop to witness more of her limitless capability and for ideas about all the different ways to use her bound creations.

Source: My Modern Met


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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