25 Stunning Photos of Women Breastfeeding Around the World

The description touts the Facebook page as a place of “Sharing the Beauty and Normality of Breastfeeding.”  The page does do that but it offers so much more. It’s an online support group for breastfeeding on which you can get the instantaneous feedback from thousands of other women.

That’s what I come away with after visiting the Beautiful Breastfeeding Facebook page. The owner, a woman by the name of Cherie, constantly posts questions she receives from women around the world and, almost immediately, dozens of the page’s nearly 13,000 members immediately begin offering advice or words of support.

For example, this query from a woman named Marcy was recently posted:

I need help my ten month old bites me almost every time he nurses. I love breast feeding but it’s very discouraging he even drew blood the other day. I need some positive advice so we can continue.

Within minutes, dozens of women weighed in with encouragement and their own personal stories. This happens, sometimes, several times a day. Which means if you’re a breastfeeding mama who has “liked” Beautiful Breastfeeding, you’re bound to find encouragement and inspiration from those who frequent the page. Not only that, but the photo collection Cherie has amassed is, in a word, stunning.

Cherie tells me she started the page to celebrate breastfeeding. “After coming across a lot of beautiful artworks and photographs that emphasized the emotional and loving side of breastfeeding, I thought the images would definitely benefit and encourage mothers through their own breastfeeding journey.”

I must admit, the images you’re about to see left me in awe. I felt empowered as a woman and mother. It’s the photos from around the world that really struck me. Powerful, unapologetic women giving life to their children (and a few other characters). Here a mother sits on a mountain top, surrounded by animals she is charged to herd, and breastfeeding her baby. There a mother strolls through a market with a basket delicately balanced on her head and, of course, breastfeeding her baby.

The photos are what prompted Cherie to start the page, never imagining it would turn into a place where nursing moms turn to for support.

Mothers on page then began sharing their own images and asking for breastfeeding help. There were a lot of supportive, knowledgeable and experienced people on the page willing to offer advice or encouragement. So the page then became a thriving supportive community as well as a place to celebrate breastfeeding.

Cherie never imagined how successful the page would be and credits it all to the women who frequent the page. “Most of all I get a warm fuzzy when I see the empathy, encouragement, and great advice people offer to other mothers on the page seeking help. I’m really proud of the members on the page; they’ve made the page a supportive community.”

From the diverse, encouraging community to the power contained within photos featuring hundreds of women from around the world, this Facebook page is amazing. Capable, strong women of all ages in the most interesting locales showcasing breastfeeding is as it should be: natural, life affirming, wondrous. It’s too bad the Western culture often takes such issue with such an undeniably significant part of motherhood, instead revering breasts provocatively encased in teeny bikinis or contained within the pages of Playboy.


All captions are from Beautiful Breastfeeding.

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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