Beauty and the Beast Song Parody: Belle Sings "Bonjour, Girl" (Video)

Beauty and the Beast Belle Bonjour Girls Song Parody YouTube Video
Beauty and the Beast's "Bonjour" parody!

Someone’s got big ideas on how to spruce up Beauty and the Beast’s opening song sung by Belle. “Bonjour” gets a makeover in this Beauty and the Beast song parody called “Bonjour, Girl!”

“Bonjour, Girl” gets the maximum sassy queen treatment, a la Randall’s Honey Badger video on YouTube (I still haven’t recovered from my fits of laughter over Honey Badger!).

You may have to run to the bathroom after watching the Beauty and the Beast YouTube parody video below, because it made it tinkle!

So great. So NSFW.

Listen for gems like “little town full of queens and homos” in the beginning, then the exchange with the bookshop owner, who after answering there’s nothing new “Not since yesterday,” this version of Belle says “That’s not funny.”

Belle’s favorite book has “got crack pipes, and sewing… it’s like “Pretty in Pink” but if the dress looked good!”

Incidentally, that little provincial town totally smells… and there are a lot of bitches that live there!

Other “Bonjour, Girl” highlights include “I can hear you, bitches” and “Bonjour, Bernice, I love your new wig / Have you seen Donna’s tits / Don’t they look real?”

Belle isn’t pulling punches when she declares, “That bitch, with kids… she can’t afford them.”

Please… more! If this guy could make a parody of every Disney princess song, the world would be a better place!

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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