Bed Bug Registry: Essential for Holiday Travel

bed bug
See Any Bed Bugs?

Who isn’t afraid of bed bugs these days? And with good reason.

There is a nationwide  rise in bed bugs infestations in apartment buildings, houses, hotels, stores and even schools.

During the busiest travel season of the year, in addition to stressing about flight delays and traffic, now travelers have to worry about bed bugs.

So how to avoid the pesky critters? For one, don’t stay at a hotel where they have bed bugs. How do you know which ones have them?

Well, there’s no way to be sure, but you might check out, the free public registry which provides anecdotal information about bedbug infestations as well as a searchable database and a series of searchable maps. The site has received more than 20,000 anonymous reports about 12,000 locations, according to Poynter Online.

One problem with is there is no way to be sure whether the information on the site is accurate. And once rumors get started that a hotel has a bed bug problem, not surprisingly, visitors stay away.

Public health officials have called the site irresponsible, and hotel owners have threatened to sue over anonymous reports of bed bug infestations which can seriously hurt business.

Last summer, I wrote about Five Tips to Keep the Bed Bugs Away, including inspecting luggage after returning home from a trip and throwing all of your clothes into a high heat dryer.

Do you plan to check out the Bed Bug Registry before making your holiday plans?


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