Befriending My Left Brain

I’ve noticed as I work on my blogging craft that I’m very protective of my right brain – the side that dreams, creates, holds art in high esteem. So much so that I grow more and more not a fan of my left brain. Thinking about numbers and math makes my brain hurt and feel like it’s going to short circuit! I’ve come to not understand or remember how to do back end blogging things (like html) more and more as I focus solely on my right brain and developing my creative eye and voice.

The problem is that the left side is actually needed to help along the development of the right side. It sounds obvious to me now as I type it out, but my latest realization is that I actually need to “exercise” my left brain, become friends with it, and generally get that side stronger if I want to truly grow the right. I may even need to do math to become a better writer!

The left side is the side that can focus on one task at a time, do a to do list and stick to a schedule. As a professional creative and an entrepreneur, I simply MUST be good at those tasks, much better than I am right now anyway. Currently my skills in those areas can get me by, but as I get more on my plate I can see where those weak links are in the chain and yes, they are getting worse.

Now, there may be many techy bloggers reading this who are the exact opposite of me. Your left brain is where you live. And that is awesome – but I’m sure the same idea goes for you too. You need to work on that right brain, befriend it, take time to nurture it as well, so you can be an even *better* left brainer and that much better at whatever social media path you are on.

However, I know there are lots of you out there like me.  Do you avoid math like the plague, think schedules are pointless and loathe anything task oriented like I do? If so, think about things you can do to befriend your left brain. I’ll be starting with a few games of sudoku ::shudder::

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