Behind the Screens Look!: What Your Favorite Bloggers Are Wearing

I want to know what their desks look like, whether they have organized Tupperware, and of course, what they’re wearing. I already know from a blogging perspective that I jive with my favorite online peeps, but could we get together and talk MSD (Mom Slob Disorder)? Inquiring moms wanna know.

I do my blogging first thing in the morning which means I blog in mismatched pajamas, unbrushed teeth, bed head, a cheek zit or four, and serious eye boogers. It’s all part of the magic people.

I asked my favorite bloggers to let me behind the computer screen for a sneaky peek at their blogging uniforms so here you have it friends; the Spring 2012 blogging collection!

  • Devan 1 of 9
    "Attached is a photo of me sitting in front of my computer working. Totally glamorous, right? I work primary in very early mornings (6am) or am up late working (2am) so often I am not yet dressed (or now undressed) wearing a t-shirt, pj pants with no make up. If you're lucky I will be wearing jeans and a t-shirt with make up on -- but not often because I do that after my work is done in the mornings and have it all off way before I start again at night."
    Check out all the other ways Devan keeps it real at Accustomed Chaos
  • Beth Anne 2 of 9
    Beth Anne
    "I write on my lunch break, taking my journal with me & jotting notes over nachos, which means that I am dressed to the nine's in office wear. I love writing like this because I feel pretty & the words flow easier. Like I have prepared to write, both mentally & physically. Now that I am home full-time, I still tend to brush my hair & put on a bra before sitting down to write."
    Wanna snort laugh? Read more from Beth Anne at The Heir to Blair
  • Carolyn 3 of 9
    "Me in my natural, unkempt state. My hair is so long and silky... and all over my body! That's why I don't bother to get dressed. You'll notice the "blogger hunch" that has developed in my shoulders, so I'm a little stiff. Can someone pass me a banana? OH WAIT - I WORK ALONE FROM HOME! AHHHHHHH! (Pounds chest. Skulks off on all fours.)"
    Find out more about how Carolyn is tickling funny bones here.
  • Danielle 4 of 9
    "Today I am featuring a hooded fire department sweatshirt and my hair in a hot mess. I also am sporting sweat pants and sitting on my couch. This is typical blogging attire first thing in the morning, or before I hit the sack after all the kids are sleeping. Blogging makes me feel like I have an out. I can be a celebrity online in my sweat pants. Although I enjoy getting all dolled up for public."
    Read more about how Danielle's saying the socially unacceptable at
  • Janice 5 of 9
    "At the moment my blog uniform is sweats or pj's and a tensor bandage and ice pack. 🙂 Thank goodness a girl can blog from bed!"
    Keep up with Janice (and send her get well wishes) at 5 Minutes For Mom
  • Jill 6 of 9
    "Black leggings, long sleeve layered t-shirts, and Ugg slippers which I wear both on the couch to blog and out in public. Oh, yes I do. And, I haven't showered since yesterday morning. Typical."
    Catch up with my mom idol Jill at Scary Mommy
  • Stacey 7 of 9
    "My 'uniform' is leggings ;)"
    Read more from Stacey, the hostess with the mostest at Justice Fergie
  • Melissa 8 of 9
    "This is where and how I blog in thermal pajamas in my red chair no makeup and my dog."
    Check out how Melissa explains it all on Married My Sugar Daddy
  • Jessica 9 of 9
    "I absolutely believe in dressing for work every single day. My typical blog wear is jeans, sweater and boots + some kind of obnoxiously awesome ring. During the summer I wear dresses and heels (obv). It's a rare post that I write in PJs, on the couch or sprawled out at Starbucks."
    Like Jessica? Of course you do, read more on her blog Sassafrass

What do you wear to blog?

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