Bellybutton Sex — Kids' Misconceptions about Sex

Before you got the whole “Birds and Bees” talk at the age of 24, how did you think sex worked? Did you think mommy made babies with daddy by getting on his shoulders? Was sex when mom and dad rubbed their butts together under a tarp? Like any kid, you probably had some imaginative misconception on how the whole biological dance works. Lemondrop compiled a list of some the better examples. Some highlights:

Misconception: “My parents gave me the ‘Where Did I Come From?’ book when I was really young. So from the illustrations I thought babies were made by two hippies.” — Maggie, 28

Misconception: “I used to think that sex was for two people who really loved each other.” — Molly, 23

(Now that’s waaaaaaaay off)

Misconception: “I thought a girl got pregnant when a guy peed in her.” — Erin, 26.

Yay confusion! Why does sex and baby making have to be so straight forward? Why can’t it be anything a little kid dreams up? I think I’ll go home and get my wife pregnant by rubbing a watermelon on her back.


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